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Friday, February 15, 2013

"The More It Changes The More It Stays The Same!"

I often wonder how fashion houses like Zara and H&M, the number 1 and 2 in the world of pret-à-porter, are able to make almost every season a new collection. Not an easy feat but inspiration has to come from somewhere so when the flow of inspiration is runnning low or even has dried up there is always the past to copy or take as a basis for your next collection! That is what H & M has done in recent past with their spring/summer collection. They copied the flower power style of the end of the 60's and gave it a modern twist. Since a few years H & M has decided for the presentation of their collections to work with the Ukrainian model Daria Werbowy. Personally I do not like her face or body but that is a question of taste! Marisa Mell was photographed by the famous Italian photographer to the stars Angelo Frontoni in the spring of 1969 in Rome, Italy. This picture of Marisa Mell became quite famous and was often used as magazine covers around the world.
Thanks to Marisa Mell fan Gerald S. from Krefeld (Germany) for sending me these pictures and pointing this one out!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ruf der Wildgänse!

In the early stages of her career Marisa Mell had not the luxury to choose the kind of parts in her movies as she wanted them to be. The main target foremost was getting a major speaking role in a movie hoping that it would be a break through success putting her name and face on the map of movie stardom! Hence the parts she played in those early years at the beginning of '60's where very different from one movie to another. So when in 1960 she was offered the part of Judith Gare in the  Austrian production "Ruf der Wildgänse" she grabed it with both hands! Although the movie was an Austrian production, it had all the characteristics of becoming a major international success! Not only was it based on the international bestseller "Wild Geese" by Canadian author Martha Ostenso with two major German speaking stars Ewald Balser as the tyranical father Caleb Gare and Heidemarie Hatheyer as the mother Amelia Gare but it was also entirely filmed on location in Canada which was never before seen for an Austrian production to do that in those years. And of course she would have a major speaking role next to the other two main characters. The movie was quite a success in Europe in 1961 when it was released but it would not yet make the name Marisa Mell a household name! For that she had to wait four more years and move to Italy, but that is another story!

These beautiful and very rarely seen lobby cards where provided by major Marisa Mell fan and collector Gerald S. from Krefeld in Germany. Thanx my friend!