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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Un Ombra nell' Ombra (DVD release)

Italian based DVD company "MYA" will officially release in January 2010 the 1979 movie "Ring of Darkness" or better known as "Un Ombra nell' Ombra". In the aftermath of the world wide success of the Exorcist, the Italian cinema bis made a lot of ripp off's of this cult American movie. This is one of such movies. Anne Heywood is the member of a shadowy devil cult made up of other rich, bored housewives. Her teenage daughter seems to have fallen under sinister dark forces. She makes flippant, gloomy remarks, is moody and combative, drives her teacher to throw herself out the window and burns her handprint into a young man’s chest. In short, she acts like a typical moody adolescent. Heywood’s coven enlists a priest (played by Diabolik star "John Phillip Law") to attempt an exorcism… Marisa Mell plays only a small part in this movie. The music is by fan fave Stelvio Cipriani. At the moment nothing is known about the master they are using for this print.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Una Sull'Altra (One on top of the Other) - Complete movie

This is the original Italian spoken version of the movie "One on top of the other" or "Una Sull'Altra". This movie is by many fans regarded, next to Danger: Diabolik!, as one of the best Marisa Mell movies. Unfortunately she is being dubbed by an Italian actress which is rather strange because Marisa Mell had a husky sexy voice and spoke very well the Italian language! Enjoy!

Thanks to André Schneider for pointing this one out on Google Videos

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Le Cinema Bis" dans le "Cinema de Quartier"

Since relocating to Rome (Italy) during the mid sixties, Marisa Mell had a steady stream of work in mostly Italian movies. Unfortunately, the movies she appeared in were not A-list movies like her last one "Casanova 70" with Marcello Mastroianni but movies that the European audience called "Cinema Bis" movies. Movies that copied one way or the other successful A-list movies from Europe or America in the hope to jump in on the band wagon of success with little investment and huge earnings. "Una Sull'Altra" from 1969 directed by Lucio Fulci was one of those cinema bis movies and is regarded by many fans of Marisa Mell as one of her best. This movie has an intriguing plot about some kind of ménage à trois with Marisa Mell at the centre and her co-stars Jean Sorel and Elsa Martinelli as her partners in crime and bed. The movie was released in France on August 21st, 1970. The title was changed into "Perversion Story", to make it more sleazy and kinky. During the 60's untill the rise of the video cassette and multiplex cinema's, every neighbourhood in Paris had one or more local cinema's (Le Cinema de Quartier). One of the most prominent cinema de quartier "Le Moulin Rouge Cinema", situated next to the world famous night and revue club "Le Moulin Rouge", had this movie on its billboard in the summer of 1970.The Moulin Rouge was built in 1888. It burned down in 1915 and was not rebuilt until 1925. The new building included a winter garden, cabaret, and an Art Deco auditorium where Mistinguet, a famous French cabaret star, did her now famous shows. In 1929 the theatre was converted to a cinema, and until around 1940 also sometimes had live shows as well. Around 1950 a major refurbishing of the entire building created a cinema with 1500 seats and a huge screen, a new cabaret named Locomotive, and under the movie theatre, a new cabaret Moulin Rouge with a seperate entrance (the actual floor show place). In 1970 the Locomotive became a 600 stadium seating-style cinema called the Paramount Montmartre, which was triplexed in the 80's. The 1500 seat auditorium after a period of showing first run movies became difficult to run in the 80's, the beginning of the multiplex era in Paris. After a new policy showing 70mm prints on its huge screen, it closed around 1990. It is now a place to rent for fashion shows, movies, tv programs, and rehearsals.The three others screens also closed around 1990 and became a night club named once again Locomotive. The famous cabaret Moulin Rouge uses the most important space in the building.

Since the sixties the term "Cinema Bis" has become a household name. Many European film fanatics love these films from that era and remember with fondness how they as a youth often sneaked into the local movie theaters to see all those forbidden fruits. So it is wonderfull to notice that the history of the Cinema Bis is not forgotten by French author Laurent Aknin. He has written two phantastic books about cinema bis in French called "50 Ans de Cinema de Quartier"(350 pages) and "Les Classiques du Cinema Bis" (550 pages). The first retelling the 50 year history of those cinema's, the second giving an overview of the most famous, notorious and scandalous cinema bis movies. They are also great jumping on points as a cinema bis movie index. So both books should be part of every cinema bis lover's personal library! The books are not cheap to buy but have a great production value with a lot of vintage photo's, lobby cards, press books...etc. Highly recommended.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Autograph I

This autograph card shows Marisa Mell during the production of her movie "Masquerade" in 1965 and is one of her best. At age 26, between a young and more mature women, her beauty was stunning very much in the "Sophia Loren" kind of way during that era with full red lips, big emerald green eyes, heavy 60's eye make up and thick brown long hair almost always accompanied by golden hoop ear rings!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alex und der Löwe! Trailer

As some of you know, who have been following this blog since the beginning, I became friends last January 2009 with another big fan of Marisa Mell whose name is André Schneider, currently living in Berlin (Germany).
André Scheider is at this moment in the stage of writing a book about the films of Marisa Mell due to appear in the very near future. At crucial times these past months, he has often helped me with clarifying uncertain aspects of her life or movies for this blog which was always highly appreciated! But André is first and foremorst a very talented young film maker. Writing scripts, directing, acting, production... you name it and he has done it. So this summer 2009 he tackled a new project called "Alex und der Löwe", based on his own script. A comedy about a group of friends struggling with love, friendship, trust, deceit... and everything in between while living in Berlin at the beginning of the 21st century. Next to André Scheider in the title role as "Alex", the main cast of this movie composes of Marcel Schlutt, Sascia Haj, Udo Lutz, Beate Kurecki and ... Celito. The director of this movie is Yuri Gárate. The movie was shot during an often difficult production process between June 6th and August 30th 2009. But thanks to his and the crew's endurance, the film is now in the can and the final editing process is going to start very soon. To have a first gilmpse of what the movie is all about, the first trailer has been made public. More info will be posted on this blog in the next few months.