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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Un Ombra nell' Ombra (DVD release)

Italian based DVD company "MYA" will officially release in January 2010 the 1979 movie "Ring of Darkness" or better known as "Un Ombra nell' Ombra". In the aftermath of the world wide success of the Exorcist, the Italian cinema bis made a lot of ripp off's of this cult American movie. This is one of such movies. Anne Heywood is the member of a shadowy devil cult made up of other rich, bored housewives. Her teenage daughter seems to have fallen under sinister dark forces. She makes flippant, gloomy remarks, is moody and combative, drives her teacher to throw herself out the window and burns her handprint into a young man’s chest. In short, she acts like a typical moody adolescent. Heywood’s coven enlists a priest (played by Diabolik star "John Phillip Law") to attempt an exorcism… Marisa Mell plays only a small part in this movie. The music is by fan fave Stelvio Cipriani. At the moment nothing is known about the master they are using for this print.

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Keith said...

I like that cover. Definitely the kind of movie I'm in the mood for right now. I guess with Halloween approaching I'm wanting to see more horror.