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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Walter Giller dies at age 84!

On December 15th 2011, one of Germany's most beloved actors "Walter Giller" died at age 84 due to lung cancer related complications. Walter Giller is regarded as one of the post WOII titans in German cinema and television with more than 137 credits in this field to his name next to his other works in theatre, on radio and other media platforms. More than 55 years he was married to another German grande dame in movie and television making the actress "Nadia Tiller". Walter Giller died surrounded by his close family in a retirement home. Fans of Marisa Mell will remember him as "Woody Johnson" in the 1964 movie "Der Letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz" where he portrayed a rather cowardly man who had to face the bandits on the run. On this very rare behind the scene picture from 1963 we see from left to right: Thomas Fritsch, Marisa Mell, Walter Giller, Marianne Koch and Mario Adorf! Marianne Koch would one year later become "Marisol" in Sergio Leone's über cult classic "A Fistfull of Dollars" with Clint Eastwood. Mario Adorf  would meet Marisa Mell again four years later in the Italian comedy "Le Dolci Signori" with Ursula Andress. Although this picture is a happy behind the scene setting it is a rather revealing picture when you look at the body language of the actors. First you see three groups of people: on the left you have Thomas Fritsch standing alone, then you have Marisa Mell and Walter Giller close together standing higher than the other actors and finally the third group of Marianne Koch and Mario Adorf. When you look deeper into the picture you can see clearly that Marisa Mell and Walter Giller are lovers at the moment of the production of this movie! Although he was married to Nadia Tiller at the time he clearly is in love with her and most of all she is also with him. The love affair is being kept secret to the public at large but the insiders know it very well and the body language reveals it! How??? First they are standing together as a couple a little higher? Secondly they are standing very close to each other, Walter Giller is touching with his right arm the left breast of Marisa Mell which is a very intimate gesture that she would not have accepted if it were otherwise. Compare that posture with the other couple on the picture Marianne Koch and Mario Adorf who are also standing very close but keep each to themselves as they are not lovers but good friends. Marianne Koch has even the tumbs of her hands in the pocktes of her trousers which means that she protects her personality like when people make a fist around their thumbs with their fingers. Another giveaway that Marisa Mell and Walter Giller are lovers is the fact that they deliberately touch each other with their legs in an intimate way. Walter bends his right leg to touch the wall, but Marisa Mell crosses her right leg over her left leg being able to touch Walter's which is not an innocent gesture! And finally the ultimate gesture of Marisa Mell in connecting with her man is that her hips or the centre of her womenhood is connecting with the hips of Walter Giller meaning that she is completely infatuated with this man. Compare this gesture with the other couple where you can clearly see a gap between Marianne Koch and Mario Adorf. The fact that they are not looking at each other is just a little diversion to distract their secret relation. So it is clear that at picture can say more than a thousand words!
Thanks to André Schneider for signaling the sad news of Walter Giller's death!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sir! Please be kind to my movies!

It is always nice to hear from other Marisa fans in the world. It is even better to read their opinions about the movies that she made during her most active years in Eurocult cinema during the 60's and 70's. Jim West is one of those fans who has undertaken the task to write several critical reviews about the Marisa Mell movies that he has seen in recent past and will see in future months. Jim West is not a beginner in this field and has a great and very interesting site called "Common Sense Movie Review" ( where he has published dozens of interesting movie reviews ranging from James Bond, Hammer Movies, Twilight Zone to actor and actresses like Russell Crowe and another Eurocult star Barbara Bouchet! I wonder what movies that he will review next on his "Marisa Mell Marathon"?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Hallo! Hier spricht Edgar Wallace!" auf Arte

A few months ago during the month of September 2011 the Franco-German cultural network "Arte" had an Edgar Wallace "Krimi" night. During that night they showed two on Edgar Wallace crime novels inspired movies together with a special about the Edgar Wallace craze during the 60's and early 7o's. What is so special about this programme is the fact that stars from that series like "Joachim Fuchsberger", best known for the giallo "What have you done to Solange?", "Karin Dor", best known as bond girl in "You'll only live twice", "Karin Baal" also known for "What have you done to Solange?" and German music composer "Peter Thomas" have been interviewed together with Italian director Umberto Lenzi, known for so many cult movies but in this entry for the giallo "Sette orchidee macchiate di rosso" for their contribution to this German cult movie series. In this programme all the characteristics of an Edgar Wallace movie are analyzed and commented by the people that played an important part at that time in their success worldwide like the famous driller killer sequence with Marisa M
ell as victim from the movie "Sette orchidee macchiate di rosso" which a few years later would be copied for the movie "Driller Killer" by Abel Ferrara.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Living in the present day has a lot of advantages that people only a few decades ago had not! Can you imagine living in a world that has no computers, no internet, no HD- or 3D-television, no DVD's, no cell phones,.... hardly I guess! Everybody is so used to this that it would be very hard to go back to that time! Living in present day times is for genre fans like living in genre heaven! Everything what makes a genre fan's heart skip a beat is today available only a klick away! Instant gratification!
At the end of the 60's and in 70's it was another story. If you where a genre fan there were not that many venues to cater your hobby. You went to the movies, bought movie magazines, went to conventions if you were lucky enough to live close enough to city that held these conventions or bought the records with the original soundtracks of all the movies that you loved so much. Through the music you could recreate the movie in your mind. And that was probably it! So die hard fans were looking for a means to see a movie again and again when recreating in their minds was not enough anymore! Enter 8mm movies!
Developed by Kodak Eastman during the early 1930's in America, 8mm became the home movie standard format for the home movies market. In the decades after the launch of the 8mm format it was mainly used to film home activities like weddings, birthday's, parties.... or the killing of J.F. Kennedy in Dallas, filmed by a man named "Zapruder" with his 8mm camera. During the 70's the demand by genre fans to have a copy of a favorite movie grew more and more. The idea that people would never see a movie again when they had seen it was replaced by the wish to be able to build a movie library of favorite movies. So in those pre-video days the 8mm movies appeared on the market for fans that could be projected at home on a screen or white wall with the same projector that was used to project the home made movies.
All the genres that are today still popular were also popular in those days but the number of movies offered where very limited to the blockbusters of those days! Another problem was that you could not buy these movies very easily. It was often a real adventure to get them. You could order them through the mail on the basis of ads in trade papers or movie magazines or you needed to travel to the nearest town to buy them at the local photographer's store or in a shopping mall. And then it was not guaranteed that you could buy all the parts of a movie to have a complete set. For a genre fan it was a lot of hassle to have a certain movie! Another disadvantage was the fact that those movies were limited in footage to around 20 or 30 minutes for each part so you had a heavily cut movie. In the end the 8mm movies became not very popular and stayed in a niche of movie fandom and almost completely disappeard with the rise of the video format at the end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's.
For Marisa Mell fans there are almost no 8mm movies in existence. The illustration with this entry comes from a 8mm Spanish copy of the Umberto Lenzi movie "Milano Rovente". I know of an 8mm copy of the German movie "Der Brave Soldat Schwejk" and that is it! Fortunately it became much better with the video craze and nowadays with DVD's and the internet you can have almost a complete series of Marisa Mell movies at your disposal!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Kenn Russell dies at age 84!

On November 27th 2011 one of Britain's most prolific directors "Kenn Russell" died at age 84! Kenn Russell was born as "Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell" on July 3rd 1927. He was best known for his pioneering work in television and film and for his controversial style. Kenn Russell was criticised as being over-obsessed with sexuality and the church as seen in his movie "The Devils" from 1971. His subject matter was often about famous composers, or based on other works of art which he adapted loosely. Russell began directing for the BBC, where he did creative adaptations of composers' lives which were unusual for the time. He also directed many feature films independently and for studios. The director is best known for his Oscar-winning film "Women in Love" (1969), "The Who's Tommy (1975), and the science fiction film "Altered States" (1980). To fans of Marisa Mell he will be fondly remembered as the director of the 1964 movie "French Dressing". Although a big flop at the British and international box office this movie is for me one of the most hilariously funny movies that I have ever seen in the vain of the "Comedy Capers" from the silent era! It also shows Marisa Mell from a very different angle as a very funny comedic actress rather than the sexy starlet that she portrays in the movie. Sadly after this movie Marisa Mell never again did such a comedic role again in her career!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amori, Letti...e Tradimenti!

When you are trying to collect all the movies of Marisa Mell you can devide her movies in several categories. "Category I"-movies are the most common ones like "Danger: Diabolik!" or "Una Sull'Altra". Those movies are readly available and can be optained via the usual DVD merchants in every DVD territory of the world. Then you have the "Category II"-movies. Those movies are also readly available but mostly restricted to one territory or another, often having a different DVD cover depending on the region of the world where it has been issued but the content is often the same like "Casanova 70" or "Casanova & C°"! You can buy those movies on the internet at regional DVD merchants. Then it is getting a little more difficult with the "Category III"-movies. Those are the movies that have not been officially issued on DVD, anywhere in the world but are only available through the help of other Marisa Mell fans! They have optained these movies from several different sources like commercial broadcast, satelite-television or rips of old VHS-tapes. Those movies are often heavily cut, out of sync, grainy, hard coded subtitled... In this category you have movies like "Le Dolci Signore" or "City of Fear". Next you have the "Category IV"-movies! These are the really hard to get ones! Never on DVD, VHS-tape or even broadcast on local television. And if they had a broadcast on television it was way before the common use of videorecorders! Finding a copy of these movies like "Einen Mann im schönsten Alter" or "La Tempesta" is like striking gold! And then... you have the Holy Grail! For me it is having a copy of the German quiz show "Dalli Dalli" from the beginning of the 80's broadcast on the second German TV-station ZDF. Unfortunately the ZDF could not find a copy of this programme in their video archives but in German they say "Die Hoffnung stirbt zu letzt!" So I keep my fingers crossed that one day I can hold a copy of that quiz show in my hands.
Since a few weeks you can order through the Italian DVD merchants a copy of the "Category II-movie "Amori, Letti... e Tradimenti" from 1975. This movie was since decades not available and can be labeled under the "Italian Sexy Movie" category in the vain of the other Marisa Mell movie "La liceale al mare con l'amica di papa".
Thanks to André Schneider for pointing out the availability of this movie in Italy!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alors, Chérie, tu crois me connaître?


Date et lieu de naissance?

24 février 1941, à Vienne (Autriche)

Signe du zodiaque?





89 kilos


chatain foncé




Paris (XVI) et Bâle

Maison de campagne?

en Autriche


Situation de famille?




Etablissement scolaire?

couvent des soeurs de Vienne (Autriche)

Langues étrangères?

Allemand, Anglais, Français et Italiens


Diner’s Club




equitation et escrime



Violon d’ingres?

les antiquaires


presque optimiste

Qualité dominante?

trés bonne


trop bonne

Aptitudes diverses?

dessin et danse


horreur des maniaques






le soleil et la mer

Qu’est-ce qui vous exalte?

la musique

Qu’est-ce qui vous revolte?


Que craignez-vous?

la mort

Que fumez-vous?


Quels bijoux portes-vous?

ceux que j’ai

Quelles fourrures?

deux visons, un leopard, deux breitschwanz, un chinchilla

Avez-vous un fétich?

il s’appelle Baby Mell

Avez-vous un devise?

dévorer la vie à belles dents

Quelle est votre tenue préférée?

robe tahitienne et mini-jupe

Votre moyen de locomotion favori?

mes jambes

(j’ai horreur de l’avion)

Etes-vous matinale?

à partir de midi

Etes-vous noctambule?

pas du tout

Quelle collection faites-vous?


Etes-vous superstitieuse?



Cours dramatiques?

ecole Max Reinhardt à Vienne (Autriche)


Olga Horstig

Carrière au théâtre?

Antigone (Anouih), Cléopâtre (Shaw), La Voix Humaine (Cocteau), Comme Il Vous Plaîra (Shakespeare) et L’année du bac (Lacour)

Au cinema?

Das Nachtlokal zum Silbermond et une dizzaine de films en Autriche et en Allemagne, Masquerade, Casanova 70, Train d’Enfer et Objectif 500 Millions

A la television?

Grüne Kakadu

Vos trois roles préferés?

Casanova 70, Train d’Enfer, Objectif 500 Millions

Prix, Oscars?

pas encore

Vos joies professionnelles?


Vos ambitions?

jouer “Anna Karenine”

Vos étonnements?

rien ne m’étonne plus

Vos projects?

un film avec Peter Sellers

une comédie en Italie

deux films avec Mastroianni

Vos voyages?

Canada, Amérique du Sud, Afrique du Sud, Europe


Quels sont vos romanciers préférés?

Rilke et Balzac


L’idiot de Dostoievsky

Les poètes?

Hugo, La Fontaine, Walter Von der Vogelweide

L’ouvrage poétiques?

La Tortue et les Deux Canards

Le philosophe?


Les peintres?

Modigliani, Gaugain, Velasquez, Bosch, Breughel et Cézanne

La toile que vous admirez le plus?

La Fille” de Modigliani

Vos compositeurs favoris?

Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Haendel, Bruckner et Ravel

Les virtuoses?

Menuhin et Richter

Le chef d’orchestre?


L’oeuvre musicale?

La 2e symphonie de Beethoven

L’instrument de musique?


Les chanteurs?

Les Beatles

Les chanteuses?

Piaf et Barbra Streisand

Le disque?

Richter interpréte Schubert

Vous interessez-vous aux sciences?

les sciences spirituelles

Votre savant préféré?

Von Braun et Nietzsche

Le personage historique?

Elizabeth 1e et Napoléon

Le personage de fiction?



Quel est votre aperitif préféré?


Le hors d’oeuvre?


La viande?

tournedos béarnaise

Le poisson?

sole grillée

Le crustacé?

calamari en su tinta

Le légume?

salade verte

Le fromage?


Le fruit?


Le dessert?


La boisson?

bordeaux rouge




Quels sont vos auteurs dramatiques préférés?

Dostoievsky, Shaw, Schiller, Cocteau et Molière

La piece de theater?


Les réalisateurs de films?

Truffaut, Wilder et Bergman

Les films?

Jules et Jim, La Silence

Les acteurs français?

Gérard Philipe et Bruno Cremer

Les acteurs étrangers?

Mastroianni, Brando, Von Sydow, Trevor Howard

Les actrices françaises?

Bardot et Moreau

Les actrices étrangères?

Geraldine Page

Les comiques?

Darry Cowl, Jerry Lewis et Mastroianni

La salle de théâtre?

Schoenbrun Schloss Theater, Vienne, Austria

L’émission de television?

connais pas

Le présentateur?

connais pas

La speakerine?

connais pas


Quelle est votre heurer préférée?


Le jour?

pas le lundi

Le mois?

pas février

La saison?


La lettre?


Le ciffre?

2 millions de dollars

La couleur?

noir et blanc

Le parfum?

“Mademoiselle” de Venet

La fleur?



le saule pleureur

La pierre?


Le metal?


Les bruits (naturels ou articificiele)?

Le vent

Le mammifère?




Le poisson?




Le magasin?


La ville étrangère?


Le pays étranger?


La place, le monument ou quartier de Paris?


La periode historique?


Le style?


Le champions sportifs?

Glenn Robinson

(This questionnaire was first published on May 27th 1966 in the French movie magazine "Cinemonde", issue 1653)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Room of Fear!

This week I got a nice email from "Marisa Mell" fan James West. James has send me this nice picture of a room in his house containing a framed Italian locadina from the 1966 movie "City of Fear" also known in the latin countries as "La Diabolica Spia". This movie poster is for a lot of Marisa Mell fans one of the best, if not the best, painted picture of her. The framed movie poster is huge, measuring 140 cm in length x 200 cm in height, so you need a big wall to hang this little baby! By the look of it, the poster is in very good condition which is quite rare because copies of the posters where often glued to the movie marquee with wall paper glue above the entrance of the cinema being confronted during several weeks with the elements of nature like burning sun, heavy wind or rain, dirt.... When the movie had run its course the movie poster was torn down or overglued with a new movie poster for next weeks programme. In the end not many posters survived in prestine folded never used condition or better known as "mint" condition.
How did James West became involved with Marisa Mell and Italian cinema bis in general?

" I used to just be into mainstream films but a couple of years back I got interested in B-movies after watching "Nightmare Castle" with Barbara Steele and Helga Line. I became smitten with Helga Line and that started to peak my interest into Italian cinema which led me to Barbara Bouchet and...Marisa Mell...who are now two of my favorite international actresses of the 60's & 70's. I came across that poster and it just blew me away, not only the artistic beauty of Marisa Mell and the fact it's probably the best rendering of her on any poster, but as a whole it's simply a classic looking piece of Italian cinema art that I can imagine being out in the small Italian cinemas of the late 1960's! " And so can I, James!

As James West mentions he has a great movie site called:You can visit his site at:

Thanks James for the contribution to this entry!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Body Double with Sybil Danning!

This week I was watching an episode of the cult German krimi series "Derrick" played by former Edgar Wallace movie actor Horst Tappert as inspector Stephan Derrick and Fritz Klein as his eternal side kick Harry Klein. The episode was called "Zeichen der Gewalt", first broadcast in 1975 on May 4th by the commercial state television station "ZDF". The episode was part 8 in a very long running series of 281 episodes covering 25 seasons (!) from 1974 untill 1998. This German krimi was and still is one of the most succesfull television series ever being broadcast in more than 100 countries in the world. Even today in countries like France there is still on one channel or another a re-run of Derrick and Italy is probably a country having the most Derrick fans knowing every episode by heart, who did what to whom and why and connecting every episode with every guest star.
And guest stars there were a lot during its run! Although Derrick was a fairly common detective series it came in a time in the mid 70's when a lot of actors and actresses made, more or less out of necessity, the transition from cinema into television. And they were not only B-actors or actresses. During its run you could see parts played by Curd Jürgens, Horst Buchholz, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Gunther Stoll, Götz George, Lili Palmer, Karin Baal, Judy Winter, Ushi Glas, Maria Schell, Cornelia Fröboes,... and exciting was the fact that one of those stars could be the murderer which was fairly new at that time in part a trend the American crime series "Columbo" with Peter Falk had started at the beginning of the 1970's.
The episode "Zeichen der Gewalt" tells the story of a Bavarian gangster played by beefcake Raimund Harmstorf, fresh from his mega success "Der Seewolf", escaping from prison by black mailing a lawyer into giving him a gun in prison after which he kills a guard while breaking free! On the run he hides in a night club which he used to run as a manager. So after the killing of the guard Derrick comes in to investigate the murder and trying to find the gangster. Obviously the trail of the killer leads Derrick to his previous work place and while Derrick is there the lights go down... and a striptease begins performed by the wife of the gangster.

After having seen this striptease I was silent for some time, not quite realising what I had just seen. Ok, the striptease was fairly dull and uninspired but I had some kind of déjà vue. The actress I had recognized as a very young Sybil Danning, later to become a major B-star in American action movies during the Reagan era of the mid 80's in the same vein as Birgit Nielsen. What was it that stunned me??? I had to look again at that part of the show. In the back of my mind, a suspicion began to form. Oh, my God! This could not be possible??? Could it??? After having seen the striptease for several times I was fairly sure that my suspicion was correct! It had to be!
The part of stripper performed by Sybil Danning was a part that originally had been offered to Marisa Mell. Now I was certain! Sybil Danning was so much looking like Marisa Mell, almost a body double! The same length of hair, the same cut, the same make up, the same body language, the same movements and look in the camera... everything oozed Marisa Mell only she was not on screen... it was a body double! My whole being knew that this was correct only how to prove it??? My first instinct told me to look in the direction of the Edgar Wallace movies. After the collapse of the Edgar Wallace franchise in the mid '70's, a lot of directors like Helmuth Ashley, director of Marisa Mell's Edgar Wallace movie "Das Rätsel der roten Orchidee" or the ultimate Edgar Wallace director Alfred Vohrer with 14 movies, switched trades to Derrick. They knew how to make a good krimi like in the 60's but now updated for television. But... it was no use! There was no connection. But who was the director of this episode??? It was Theodor Grädler! And then I knew!
Theodor Grädler was the second director on the 1972 made for television movie "Elisabeth-Ich möchte ein Möve sein!" After the ZDF rejected the first cut of the movie by Jörg Eggers it was partially reshot with a second director none other than Theodor Grädler. So there you had it! Theodor Grädler knew Marisa Mell very well after having worked with her on this tv movie which had a lot of flack during its production days! Once he got the script for the episode "Zeichen der Gewalt" in the series Derrick, he must have thought of Marisa Mell for the part of the wife and stripper. He knew she had done several memorable stripteases in her movie career like in "Le Dolce Signore" or in "Una Sull'Altra". She was perfect for the role! I am certain that the part was offered to her. One reason or another, she did not accept it! Was it that she thought she was to old to do it??? Was it that she did not wanted to do television anymore after the debacle of the Elisabeth movie??? Was it because she found the role to lean and not worthy of her talent??? Or was it that she had enough of being again a stripper??? Who knows??? She did not do it in person but the whole scene in the episode has the spirit of Marisa Mell! In the end Marisa Mell did not ever appear as a guest star on the Derrick series like other more famous stars did. Personally I find this a pity, rather strange knowing her talent and screen presence and a hole in the filmography of Marisa Mell. I would have so much have liked to have seen her opposite Horst Tappert playing a victim or a murderer with her husky voice, emerald green eyes and sensuous looks. That would have been grant. Fortunately there are other stripteases of Marisa Mell to marvel at like the one from Una Sull'Altra, her most famous one!
Would you like to know more about Derrick, the stars and the episodes?

The Derrick Fan-blog is your one and only stop:

Thanks for the use of the pictures in this entry!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tee with Marisa Mell at Zara's in Graz!

Although Marisa Mell left us almost 20 years ago, and not being that famous like other actresses like Marilyn Monroe who have also gone to the other side, she is still, as I have often written, very present in the conscience of a group of people, mostly those who are fascinated with Eurocult movies, especially the Italian ones or who are working in the creative business like movies, television, art or... in this case the fashion industry. So it was nice to see that the global Spanish fashion house "Zara" sold this spring 2011 in her stores a black T-shirt with the image of Marisa Mell on front of it.
The image on the T-shirt comes from the 1969 giallo movie "Una Sull' Altra" directed by cult director Lucio Fulci with Jean Sorel and Elsa Martinelli as the other protagonists next to Marisa Mell. As you can imagine the image of a kneeling Marisa Mell in front of Jean Sorel trying to open his trousers' zipper to have oral sex was, and still is, one of the most shocking images to be seen in this movie, lobby card or billboard even at the end of the 60's when the sexual liberation in the Western world was in full swing. It was not a sight that was often seen in a movie at that time even in any kind of movie! You had to wait untill the 1972 X-movie "Deep Throat" with Linda Lovelace to take it to a new level in oral erotica on the silver screen.
So powerfull was this image that the American distributor of the movie changed the title into "Perversion Story" to accommodate the image with a appropriate titel. Thus making this film look like a very sleazy movie. Everything for the box office!
With or without a sleazy title the movie did very well in the world and is now regarded among giallo fans as one of the top 10 movies of the genre!
Thanks to Jochen from Graz for pointing this one out in his home town. Jochen is a big Eurocult fan covering every aspect of the genre. He is also closely connected to a phantastic site called:
The image of Marisa Mell on the tram was not in Graz but was a photo composition made by me with a tram photographed in Amsterdam.
The photo of Marisa Mell used on the tram to make the photo composition was sent to me by André Schneider from Berlin! Thanks buddy!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marlies & Erika!

At the end of her life when she was diagnosed with throat cancer Marisa Mell was living back in Vienna (Austria) after having lived in Rome (Italy) for decades. It was not a free choice of hers but out of necessity having no more money to spend and live "la dolce vita", the life of the rich and famous as she had done so many years in the highest political and cultural circles. The lights of showbizz had been dimmed a long time ago, friends had gone on to other places and showbizz friendships and even a devoted partner for life was nowhere to be seen. Marisa Mell was all alone except for a few very devoted friends like Father Laun, at that time a parish priest in Vienna, now Bishop, who helped her to earn some money by working for him and others and her agent Agnes Rehling was tried to book new roles in movies, theatre or television productions. And then of course there was a long time friend "Erika Pluhar", who wrote a wonderful book about her deep friendship with Marlies Moitzi, who later became the international film star "Marisa Mell". In this clip, Erika Pluhar tells about the time when she and Marlies went to theatre school, how stunningly beautiful she was and how, when she had survived till today, would probably had regained her career to take more mature roles like for example Michelle Pfeifer did!

The above clip comes from the DVD "Gaslicht", a made-for-TV remake of a Ingrid Bergman film from the 1940's with Erika Pluhar as "Bella Manningham". Next clip is for many Marisa Mell fans one of her best and most beautifuly shot movies the giallo "La Encadenada". Here you can clearly see what Erika Pluhar is talking about when mentioning the beauty of her best friend.

Thanks to Marisa Mell filmographer André Schneider for the clips of Erika Pluhar and Marisa Mell in "La Encadenada"'. André Schneider has written a great in depth review for this movie and many other Marisa Mell movies on his blog