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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Virna Lisi: death of a golden haired beauty!

Almost at the end of the year 2014, on December 18th, the Italian, world  and genre cinema has to say goodbye to one of its most prominent members the talented and beautiful actress Virna Lisi, born as Virna Lisa Pieralisi, on November 8th 1936, hence 78 years old, which in my humble opinion is much to young to die. She was often regarded as the Italian Marilyn Monroe. She started her career in 1953 and worked untill her untimely death in cinema and television, winning several national and international movie awards like at the Cannes Film Festival. Virna Lisi worked with all the great directors and actors/actresses of her time during more than 114 movie and television credits.

Fans of Marisa Mell will always remember Virna Lisi in the movie "Casanova 70" with Marcello Mastroianni and "Le Dolce Signore" with Ursulla Andress and Claudine Auger.  

It was only last month that the golden haired actress heared from her doctors that she had an uncurable disease and would not have long to live. Virna Lisi died peacefully today surrounded by her family and friends in Rome, Italy.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rien ne va plus!

On october 20th 1984, the Casino in Graz (Austria) opened for the first time its doors so who better to invite to do this honor than Graz's most famous daughter actress Marisa Mell to start the roulette with a golden ball and the traditional words: "Rien ne va plus".
Thanks to Jochen Kulmer and André Schneider.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Glasses on Kant

During the production of the Mario Bava directed movie "Danger: Diabolik!" in 1967, Marisa Mell had some free time between takes which she used well given the amount of behind the scene pictures of her as Lady Eva Kant and co-star John Phillip Law as Diabolik. Set photographer was then already very famous photographer Emilio Lari who in later years would become even more famous as set photographer on movies like The Godfather trilogy or Raging Bull or Once Upon a Time in America. In this set of pictures Marisa Mell shows the latest fashion in sun glasses in her outfit from a scene of the movie where she is in disguise as a prostitute! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marisa Mell to star in new film – almost 23 years after her death!

“His Mother’s House” - « La Maison de sa Mère », the new film project by German writer-director André Schneider (who also authored “Die Feuerblume”), will be both, a homage and a vehicle for Marisa Mell. The late actress, who died in 1992, will “play” a key role in this drama about a man’s search for his roots.

“His Mother’s House” follows the journey of Anam Wagner, a man in his thirties. Professionally successful and single, he leads a rather carefree life. He and his younger brother have a very close relationship, and once in a while he visits his embittered father. One day, he receives a phone call informing him that his mother had died. Even though he had hardly seen her in years and thought he had no connection with her whatsoever, Anam feels oddly shaken and drives up to the sea where his mother had owned a beach house. And while he still thinks that he didn’t know his mother at all, he finds traces of her – and his own childhood – everywhere in that old house…

Needless to say who the estranged mother is! “His Mother’s House” is all about a woman who had left her husband and her two sons to pursue a B-movie career and paid a huge prize for her success. Marisa Mell’s photos by Angelo Frontoni will be seen throughout the film as well as scenes from “Senza via d’Uscità”, “Nel Buio del Terrore”, “Pena de Muerte”, “La Encadenada”, and “Una Sull’Altra”. Original scores by Carlo Savina and Riz Ortolani will also be part of this movie.

Pre-production has already begun. As soon as the funding has been successful, cameras will start rolling – hopefully in early 2015, around Marisa Mell’s birthday.

You can be part of this production, since Vivàsvan Pictures is still looking for sponsors and donors. About 8.000 euros are still needed to proceed with the production.

For more information about this great project you can get in contact with André Schneider at Vivàsvan directly:


or make a donation directly to:

Vivasvan Filmproduktion GmbH
IBAN DE26 100 700 240 3694197 00
with reference “HIS MOTHER'S HOUSE”.

Every donor / sponsor will not only receive a film credit (if wanted) but full access to all stages of the production; you can visit the set, be in the editing room. You will be invited to the movie's premiere and will receive a DVD, music CD, set photos, and a movie poster.

Friday, August 1, 2014

"French Dressing at 50" Movie Exhibition in Herne Bay, England

One of my top 3 Marisa Mell movies is the 1964 comedy caper movie "French Dressing" directed by Ken Russell, notorious almost a decade later for his 1971 shocker "The Devils",  with leading men James Booth and Roy Kinnear. The movie had its world première on April 10th 1964. The movie was for the most part shot in Herne Bay, England and shows us a surprisingly comedic side of female star Marisa Mell, that will never be repeated again in her later career and thus making this movie a really stand alone among all her other movies and television work. To commemorate the 50th year since the first showing of this movie, curator Nicholas Sinclair has put together a special exhibition celebrating the life and work of British filmmaker Ken Russell and his first movie "French Dressing". Special attention is given during this exhibition to the history of the making of this movie in Herne Bay and its locals who often participated in the movie as extras. What makes this exihition also very special for Marisa Mell fans is the fact that the curator also had a special eye for the contribution of Marisa Mell in this movie and its success, slowly building into a cult following in the years since. The visitors will see a lot of ultra rare and never before seen material regarding the production of this movie and the contribution of Marisa Mell, belonging to numerous owners, some even related to the production of it. Hence Marisa Mell features heavily througout the displays in stills, behind the scene photos, original and reproduction marketing artwork and even in a recent discovered colour cinefilm in the vault of a cine maker made during the production of French Dressing.
Practical information:

From August 7th 2014 untill September 28th 2014

8 William Street
Herne Bay

Telephone: 01227 367368

The museum is situated 9 miles outside of Canterburry via A28 en A299.

The museum is open from Thursday untill Sunday from 11am untill 4.30 pm.

There is not a catalogue available for the exhibition but there is a free filming location trail map available of Herne Bay, in the film known as Gormleigh-On-Sea, which can be taken away as a souvenir.

To wet you appetite for this exhibition here are some photos in color of the movie which is quite rare because the movie and almost all of the publicity stills and material are mostly in black and white.

As a bonus the opening track of the Georges Delerue soundtrack emphasizing the comedy caper theme of the movie:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Gang War in Milan" gets royal Blue Ray treatment!

One of the lesser known Marisa Mell movies is "Gang War in Milan" or better known under its Italian title "Milano Rovente" from 1972 directed by cult director Umberto Lenzi now gets the royal treatment of becoming a Blue Ray DVD. Although Marisa Mell is prominently on the cover of the DVD she has only a minor role in this police movie but as always she is absolutely stunning! The DVD is issued by Raro Video US and available at all major DVD outlets! 

Here are some reviews of this DVD:

and many many many more on the Net! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Diary of a Shopaholic!

During the production of her French movie "Objectif: 500 Millions" during the winter of 1965-1966, Marisa Mell stayed in Paris (France), the fashion capital of the world. So it is no wonder that one afternoon she hit the town to do nothing else than untill she dropped accompanied by film stills photographer Emilio Lari! As you can see by these pictures Marisa Mell is clearly in her element, happy, radiant and absolutely beautiful enjoying every bit of the day! So to start off the shopping day we hit the hairdresser's for a new hair style!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Marisa - The Girl Who Beat The Taxi Strike!

London was without taxis on Tuesday June 14th 1966. The only person who had no trouble getting one was film actress  Marisa Mell - and she wasn't going anywhere. While almost all the city's 7600 taxis were off the streets in protest at minicab competition 25 year old Marisa had a taxi of her own all day. The cab and driver Julian Gold had been hired for the work in Hampstead on an Italian film. And as she stepped in and out of Mr. Gold's cab, leaders of London's 11.000 taximen were reporting "100 per cent, support"  in their one day stoppage. But to the motorists, taxiless London was like a dream. But for the minicab men  it was not such a said: "This is all-out war. The taxi drivers are out in their private cars,  and when we call at a railway station they block us in so that we can't get out." Police were on guard outside London's Hilton hotel as about 50 taxi drivers jeered and threw coins at a minicab parked outside. The minicab driver said: "I have been send here to pick up a passenger. I am obviously scared." 
The photo was published in the Daily Sun in England on June 21 1966 with different caption then written by the news agency issuing this picture: "The weather is at its brightest in London now, so what better time for 25 year old Austrian actress Marisa Mell to wear her cut-out dress. To be right up to date she teamed the dress with Op-art earrings and Mad stockings."
Trivia: Marisa Mell was in 1966 not 25 but 27 years old. 
Trivia: The movie Marisa Mell was working on at the time was the Italian/English coproduction "Che Notte Ragazzi" from 1966 which had its première in Italy on September 30th 1966 co-starring Philippe Leroy!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What now my lovely?

These daffodils seem to turn their heads when they saw this lovely in London the other day! She is actress Marisa Mell whose latest film "Masquerade" opens at the Leicester Square Theatre on Thursday April 15th 1965. Photo was taken on April 14th 1965 and used in the newspapers "Daily Sun" on May 3rd 1965 and "Sun" on May 4th 1965. These newspapers changed the entry as follows: "Lovely Marisa Mell thinks the best place to spend an afternoon is among the daffodils. Marisa, a London actress, was waiting for the première of her latest movie "Masquerade" which opened recently at the Leicester Square Theatre, where the picture was taken."

Monday, June 9, 2014

Drag me to a Drag Queen Party!

Although Marisa Mell was during the 60's  and 70's a major Italian movie star her professional and private life was mostly found in the printed news papers and gossip magazines! Reality TV did not exist and even commercial television  at large was still in its infancy across Italy and the European mainland. So I am always very grateful to see Marisa Mell in television, news or other kind of media like home videos. And that just happened last week when a longtime Marisa Mell fan from Graz send me the present home video. He grew up with Marisa Mell in his youth in Austria, reading about her in women magazines and remembers reading about her affair with the Shah from Iran and her wild nightlife with fellow Austrian actor, friend and drugbuddy Helmut Berger. He always loved Marisa Mell's looks and never got the chance to see her movies untill later in his life because the Austrian television was not very favorable to her, almost never broadcasting her movies, not even after her untimely death or her 20 year rememberance of her death! In this home video we see a compilation of the Austrian drag queens Dame Galaxis and Miss Chantal St. Germain! At the certain moment in the home video it shows Marisa Mell and Helmut Berger at diner and drag queen spectacle at the end of the 80's or early 90's! Another famous guest is Australian Super Mega Star Dame Edna Everage! Enjoy!
Thank you to the Grazer informant for this wonderful clip with MM.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ein Abend in München!

Marisa Mell at the Deutscher Filmball München in 1985.
 Her cigarettes as always close at hand as her best friends! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Marisa Mell" by Angelo Frontoni - Photobook

I am on holiday at the moment for a few weeks on the island of Tenerife, Spain! So I finally found the time to fulfill a long standing wish in creating a hard copy personal photobook for myself with the most stunning pictures of Marisa Mell taken by Italian star photographer Angelo Frontoni over the three decades that Marisa Mell was a world movie star!  I had more than 650 pictures to make a selection from! Whawza! The pictures are so beautiful, most of them are in B/W and have such a strong visual image! The beauty of Marisa Mell and the professional qualities of photographer Angelo Frontoni are a match made in heaven! So it was really hard work in making a first selection down to 220 pictures that were qualified to make it into the book! But even that amount of pictures were to many to put in the book so at the moment I am down sizing them to around a 100 pictures! And what is the best? Most of them have never been seen before since more than 40 years! The cover of the book is already done and I love it! Plain and simple! Now I need to find a system to select and order the pictures in the book! So it will take a while to finish the project but in the end it will make together with the André Schneider Marisa Mell book "Die Feuerblume" a smashing companion for it in my book case! I'll  keep you all posted! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Equitazione di Marisa Mell

During the production of "Objectif 500 millions" in France Marisa Mell had some sparetime that she loved to use to  go horseriding! There are not many photos of Marisa Mell on a horse most of them are from the movie "Der Letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz" so I am glad that this picture has surfaced in recent days. Here is a previous entry about Marisa Mell and her horseriding skills: Equus

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shocker: Marisa Mell on "Peanuts" by Charles M. Shultz!

As many loyal followers of this blog know I am always on the lookout for new information on the life and work of my favorite actress Marisa Mell. Finding new material is not always easy and is often the work of a detective but once in a while you struck gold like some entries in the past on this blog have proven! So you can imagine my surprise last week when a reader of the blog in the States send me this newspaper clip per mail from the Charles M. Schultz world famous cult cartoon "Peanuts". Sadly a lot of information is unknown to the informant and myself. What is certain at the moment is that the cartoon is from the end of the 60's around the time when Marisa Mell was in the USA trying to build up a musical career with her play "Mata Hari", first in Washington D.C. and then hopefully later on Broadway, NYC. As you can read in several entries on this blog, and of course in depth, in the André Schneider book Marisa Mell-"Die Feuerblume", Marisa Mell had an extensive promotional tour and publicity campaign to make her name and face a household one. She appeared in magazines like Vogue and McCall! So one way or the other the producers of the musicial "Mata Hari" had access to the agent of Charles M. Schultz making a commercial deal to mention her name in the cartoon. Hopefully in the near future new information will pop up about this incredible discovery! I'll keep you posted and for the moment enjoy those two rascals: Charlie Brown and his nemeses the one and only Lucy Van Pelt! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

GRAZ (A): Marisa Mell's hometown by Jochem Kulmer (text) and André Schneider (pictures)

This eerie beautiful and fascinating picture of Marisa Mell was left behind  in the Grand Café Kaiserfeld in Graz by an unknown man on February 24th 2014 during André Schneider's reading of "Die Feuerblume".  It is now probably part of the movie wall collection of the Grand Café, one of Marisa Mell's favorite restaurants.

Graz, the capital of the region Styria with 265.000 residents, is after Vienna the second largest city in Austria. The city is situated about 150 km south west of Vienna. It is famous for being a nice, cosy little town with six universities, a rich cultural scene, her Mediterranean-flair, delicious food, lots of traditions, history and some remarkable sightseeing-places like the Castle Eggenberg and the historic city center, which are part of UNESCOS World Cultural Heritage list next to the clock-tower and some famous events like art-festivals “Styriarte”, ”Steirischer Herbst”, the folk festival “Aufsteirern” and the “Grazer Advent”.  Besides tourism and culture, Graz is also well known for its high density of shopping opportunties and the so called “Autocluster”, more than  180 business companies having specialized in automotive components and research.

Amphitheatre on the river Mur

Since Austria is a very small country most of  the attention of the world is almost always drawn directly to Vienna, the capital. Graz is often regarded too small as a city to gain recognition but in recent years it tried to break out by becoming in 2003 the Cultural Capital City of Europe hence becoming a turning-point in the history of the city's public perception. Graz made the best of this unique opportunity, took the chances it was offered and the money to show the world its beauty, cultural highlights, creative output and open-mindedness in creating buildings like the “Friendly Alien” a.k.a. "Kunsthaus”, a place for contemporary and avant-garde art and the “Murinsel”, an amphitheatre and café as an island on the river Mur.

Austrian version of the The Statue of Liberty.

Like every other town in Austria, Graz has an inglorious and dark past during her "National Socialism"-regime when thousands of people were arrested, killed, displaced and deported. As a result the city was heavily destroyed during the War between 1943 and 1945, when allied forces dropped 29.000 bombs on Graz completely destroying districts near the central railway station. Untill this day intact active bombs can be found in these areas, forcing to evacuate the streets and areas, so these bombs could be detonated.  After the War was over, British and Soviet troops stayed in Austria until 1955 slowly rebuilding the City resulting in its significant upturn in the Seventies and Eighties.

City Hall

Trends come and go, if they are short-lived, there is always a good chance that you will miss it here in Graz, even nowadays during the Internet Age! On one hand this seems to be a disadvantage, on the other hand it is quite a good thing if you like to take everything a little more relaxed. The nature of the hospitable Styrians seems to be a little more relaxed and calm then other countrymen, even if we all like to “sudern” which means to rail and rave at something in a tongue-in-cheek-way. But after all, there seems to exist no problems or differences, which can’t be solved while drinking one or more "Schnaps" or eating a good and substantial meal in a “Buschenschank”, which you can  compare to a tavern near Vienna for peasant food and drinks called “Heurigen”. 

Entrance to the famous theatre school Schaudernak where Marisa Mell did her first steps on the theatre stage becoming in the end a world movie star

Aside the good quality of life and the manageability of the town, Graz is of minor international importance and as a resident you have to accept the limited possibilities of a small town. This is like it has ever been since decades and even if you are fond of your hometown like I am, it is a fact you can’t deny. Honestly, I don´t know much about living in Graz during the swinging Sixties or Seventies, but people always moved to Vienna or tried their luck in foreign countries, since Graz has a lower wage level and limited job-offers in else in Austria.  If you want to take the world by storm as an actor, sportsmen or an artist becoming more than a local celebrity, you have to go to the capital Vienna, neighbor Germany or even overseas.  Marisa Mell choose also this way in the early Sixties, when she moved to Vienna, to visit the “Max-Reinhardt-Seminar” and shot her first German produced films. Had she stayed in Graz Marisa Mell would never had made her way like she did since there were no big theatres, was no film-industry, were no influential people and simply put no appropriate roles for her to play.

Street view of theatre school Gaudernak in Graz

Other famous ex-inhabitants from Graz which made an international career are deceased Formula 1-pilot Jochen Rindt, who spent his childhood at his grandparents in Graz and Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California, bodybuilder and actor which grew up in a little village a few kilometres outside of Graz. Schwarzenegger became an honoured citizen of the city and a soccer-stadium was named after him, which in the end had to be renamed at Schwarzenegger's demand, after a local political controversy about death penalty in California and the compatibility with an Austrian "Ring of Honour". Other Honorary Citizens of Graz are German-based actor Karlheinz Böhm (famous for the movie “Peeping Tom”) who used to live here, acclaimed music conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt and the Federal President of Austria Heinz Fischer and some scientists, you may never have heard about.

One of the oldest bakeries in Graz

Living in this cosy little town nowadays is like living in a city full of contrasts which seem to fit more or less harmonic together as the city is parted by the river Mur, the city offers almost two kinds of every aspect to his inhabitants. There are a lot of young people in the streets and almost 45.000 students and almost as much bikes populating the streets. On the other hand, there are also a lot of older people in Graz, which enjoy the geographical position with the moderate summers and windless winters and the cheap costs of living. Open minds and free spirits live here side by side with very old-fashioned people and modern architecture is in symbioses with historical ones, century old tradition and classical music meets contemporary art, electronic lifestyle and design.

Typical back yard in Graz

The most enjoyable thing about living in Graz is the fact, that the city never lost its countrified character and the striking distance to nature, where you can leave the city noise and the world problems easily behind you by taking a walk along the riverside or a bike- or car-ride into the countryside. Graz is also an ideal holiday-destination for short trips and even if you like to stay longer, you will find a lot of pleasant things to do to kill your time.  But do not forget that even here there are also more or less serious problems like in every other Austrian town like an empty city treasury, bad air quality, increasing rents, crime-, unemployment- and immigration-rates and a very conservative mayor but Graz is after all a cosy, mostly quiet and safe place to live for people, who enjoy a lifestyle aside from hustle and bustle.
Thanks to Jochem Kulmer from Graz (Austria) and André Schneider from Berlin (Germany) for making this entry a reality!
The Marisa Mell Blog would like to come in contact with the mysterious man who gave this beautifully framed picture of Marisa Mell to the Grand Café Kaiserfeld. Please contact us at: Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Buon Compleanno Marisa!" by Jochen Kulmer

Mit André Schneider hatte ich zwar seit längerer Zeit Kontakt wegen Marisa Mell und auch er konnte mir auch nur sagen, dass er relativ kurzfristig von Freunden und Kollegen von Marisa nach Graz eingeladen wurde, die am Tag ihres 75. Geburtstages im Grazer Grand Café Kaiserfeld eine kleine Feier veranstalten wollen. Als ich gestern um 19:45 ins Kaiserfeld ging, wusste ich daher auch nicht so recht, was mich tatsächlich erwarten würde und irgendwie war ich auch froh, dass ich beim Eingang gleich einmal auf André getroffen bin, der sich auch prompt als äußerst sympathischer Zeitgenosse entpuppte.

Zu meiner Überraschung war der große Bar-Bereich des Café Kaiserfeld bereits mehr als nur gut gefüllt und es hatten sich vor Veranstaltungsbeginn so um die hundert Leute versammelt, wobei der Altersdurchschnitt relativ hoch war, was aber daran lag, dass sich viele Freunde und Bekannte der 1992 in Wien verstorbenen Marisa eingefunden hatten, die auch wenige Minuten später bereits gebannt der Lesung von Andre Schneider lauschten, die von einem tonlosen Zusammenschnitt einiger ihrer prägnantesten Auftritte untermalt wurden.

André las drei längere Stellen aus seiner noch immer sehr empfehlenswerten Biografie „Die Feuerblume“ und zeichnete u.a. ihren Werdegang von der Grazer Schauspielschule Gaudernak, über das renommierte Max-Reinhard-Seminar, ihren ersten Engagement bis hin zu ihren größten Erfolgen in Italien nach und beschäftigte sich auch kurz mit den Jahren, in denen es dann nicht mehr so gut lief und die Schauspielerin wieder nach Österreich zurückkehrte. Außerdem sprach er über ihre Rollen in spanischen Filme und beleuchtete zu meiner Freude auch die Produktionsbedingungen von Mario Bavas „Danger: Diabolik“, in der Mell als Eva Kant für Genre-Fans unsterblich wurde.

Danach gab es Pasta nach Marisa Mells Rezept, in einer scharfen und milden Variante, die seinerzeit in ganz Rom berühmt waren und auch an diesem Abend bei den Besuchern sehr gut ankamen. Während ich mit André plauderte kamen immer wieder Leute zum Tisch, die von dem generösen und liebevollen Wesen Marisa sprachen und sich jeder für sich sehr positiv an die Schauspielerin erinnerten. Besonders schön war es für mich, in welcher liebevollen und respektvollen Art über Marisa gesprochen wurde und sich so nicht nur ein wunderbares Gesamtbild ergab, sondern sich auch einige tragischen Details relativierten, die ich bislang über ihre letzte Phase ihres Lebens gehört hatte.

Auch André war offensichtlich sehr von der Stadt und der Grazer Gastfreundschaft angetan und hat durch den Kontakt zu ihren Freunden und den ganzen Anekdoten wohl genug Stoff für ein neues Buch über die österreichische Künstlerin. Dass sich viele von Marisas Freunden beim Abschied nochmals persönlich für seine Texte und den schönen Abend bei ihm bedankten, ist wohl auch das Schönste, das ein Biograf erleben kann und auch den Veranstaltern zu verdanken, die hier kurzfristig ein schönes und unvergessliches Event organisiert hatten.

Was hier an diesem Abend nach all den Jahren des Vergessens an schönen Erinnerungen an Marisa mobilisiert wurde, ist als Fan natürlich ein absoluter Traum und dass im Herbst eine Retrospektive und weitere Aktionen geplant sind, ist in einer Stadt, in der die Politik Marissa längst vergessen hat und in einem Land, in dem auch die meisten ihrer Filme nicht frei erhältlich sind, ein guter Anfang. Dass sich dank einer Handvoll engagierter Leute die Menschen von Graz wieder gut und gerne an Marisa erinnern lässt Hoffnung schöpfen, dass die international wesentlich mehr beachtete Schauspielerin vielleicht auch in ihrem Geburtsort irgendwann einmal entsprechende Würdigung widerfährt.

PS: Dass aus André zweimal ein Rene geworden ist, wird Herr Schneider den Grazern und der Stadt, die sich an zwei Tagen mit schönsten Sonnenschein gezeigt hat, wohl hoffentlich verzeihen 

Jochen Kulmer aus Graz (Österreich)

Monday, February 17, 2014

HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY, MARISA MELL - An evening with author André Schneider in Graz-Austria


  February 24th 2014

Marisa Mell would have celebrated her 75th birthday had she not had an untimely death at the age of 53!

To celebrate the life and movies of Marisa Mell her native city Graz in Austria has taken the initiative of organizing a special once in a life time evening honoring one of her most famous citizens by inviting from Germany


the author of the ultimate Marisa Mell book

über Marisa Mell und ihre Filme


Kaiserfeldgasse 19-21
8010 GRAZ-Austria


MONDAY FEBRUARY 24th 2014 at 20.00 h.

The admission is free!

André Schneider will read excerpts from his book, show clips from some of the best and lesser known Marisa Mell movies, tell inside stories about her life and movies and will gladly answer questions on the life and work of Marisa Mell.

If you are not able to attend this special evening you can still order the book through these online merchants:

Truely a night to remember! 

Highly recommended!

Thanks to Jochen Kulmer from Graz-Austria for this clip