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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shocker: Marisa Mell on "Peanuts" by Charles M. Shultz!

As many loyal followers of this blog know I am always on the lookout for new information on the life and work of my favorite actress Marisa Mell. Finding new material is not always easy and is often the work of a detective but once in a while you struck gold like some entries in the past on this blog have proven! So you can imagine my surprise last week when a reader of the blog in the States send me this newspaper clip per mail from the Charles M. Schultz world famous cult cartoon "Peanuts". Sadly a lot of information is unknown to the informant and myself. What is certain at the moment is that the cartoon is from the end of the 60's around the time when Marisa Mell was in the USA trying to build up a musical career with her play "Mata Hari", first in Washington D.C. and then hopefully later on Broadway, NYC. As you can read in several entries on this blog, and of course in depth, in the André Schneider book Marisa Mell-"Die Feuerblume", Marisa Mell had an extensive promotional tour and publicity campaign to make her name and face a household one. She appeared in magazines like Vogue and McCall! So one way or the other the producers of the musicial "Mata Hari" had access to the agent of Charles M. Schultz making a commercial deal to mention her name in the cartoon. Hopefully in the near future new information will pop up about this incredible discovery! I'll keep you posted and for the moment enjoy those two rascals: Charlie Brown and his nemeses the one and only Lucy Van Pelt! 

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docvoltage said...

Well played, sir ! A delightful Aprilscherz :)