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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amori, Letti...e Tradimenti!

When you are trying to collect all the movies of Marisa Mell you can devide her movies in several categories. "Category I"-movies are the most common ones like "Danger: Diabolik!" or "Una Sull'Altra". Those movies are readly available and can be optained via the usual DVD merchants in every DVD territory of the world. Then you have the "Category II"-movies. Those movies are also readly available but mostly restricted to one territory or another, often having a different DVD cover depending on the region of the world where it has been issued but the content is often the same like "Casanova 70" or "Casanova & C°"! You can buy those movies on the internet at regional DVD merchants. Then it is getting a little more difficult with the "Category III"-movies. Those are the movies that have not been officially issued on DVD, anywhere in the world but are only available through the help of other Marisa Mell fans! They have optained these movies from several different sources like commercial broadcast, satelite-television or rips of old VHS-tapes. Those movies are often heavily cut, out of sync, grainy, hard coded subtitled... In this category you have movies like "Le Dolci Signore" or "City of Fear". Next you have the "Category IV"-movies! These are the really hard to get ones! Never on DVD, VHS-tape or even broadcast on local television. And if they had a broadcast on television it was way before the common use of videorecorders! Finding a copy of these movies like "Einen Mann im schönsten Alter" or "La Tempesta" is like striking gold! And then... you have the Holy Grail! For me it is having a copy of the German quiz show "Dalli Dalli" from the beginning of the 80's broadcast on the second German TV-station ZDF. Unfortunately the ZDF could not find a copy of this programme in their video archives but in German they say "Die Hoffnung stirbt zu letzt!" So I keep my fingers crossed that one day I can hold a copy of that quiz show in my hands.
Since a few weeks you can order through the Italian DVD merchants a copy of the "Category II-movie "Amori, Letti... e Tradimenti" from 1975. This movie was since decades not available and can be labeled under the "Italian Sexy Movie" category in the vain of the other Marisa Mell movie "La liceale al mare con l'amica di papa".
Thanks to André Schneider for pointing out the availability of this movie in Italy!

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