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Friday, September 26, 2008

Ciné Revue - Marisa Mell Covers (1966-1977)

Here are some photos of Marisa Mell during her career on the cover of the Belgian film (and later television) magazine "Ciné Revue". The magezine is in French and still being published to this day but due to a lack of real movie stars like in the 60 's and 70's the magazine is now focusing mostly on gossip and tabloid issues from celebrity, television stars and society people. The covers underwent also great changes. In the mid 70's their focus became more and more on topless actresses as one can see from these pictures. In the beginning Marisa Mell was decently dressed in hot pants, towel or shirt, later she was in different kind of nude poses. Please take note that the photos are not always published in the same year that they have been shot. For example the photo on the June 24th 1974 cover depicts Marisa Mell from the movie "Una Sull'Altra" although the photo was shot in 1969.
November 3rd, 1966 Issue

August 8th, 1968 Issue
April 9th, 1970 Issue June 24th, 1974 Issue April 14th, 1977 Issue
July 7th, 1977 Issue


Keith said...

Wow! Those are all great. What a stunning beauty.

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

I, especially, like the last cover with Helmut Berger!