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Friday, August 21, 2009

Bin Ich Nicht Fesch?

After filming her first movie as an adult "Das Nachtlokal zum Silbermond" (1959), Marisa Mell played a part of "Olly" in the German movie "Der Brave Soldat Schwejk" (1960) with German cult star "Heinz Rühmann" as the title character Soldier Schwejk. An other cult star in this movie was Austrian born actress "Senta Berger" as Gretl. Both actresses got to know each other during their theatre school years as students at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna, Austria and remained friends during the entire life of Marisa Mell. In this movie, Senta Berger got a film credit and Marisa Mell did not. Why she did not got any credit for her part in two little scenes is not known, fact is that Marisa Mell consciously forgot that she ever played a part in this movie. Due to her small part, there are not many different photo's of Marisa Mell as Olly. Some photo's show her together with co-star Heinz Rühmann. This photo shows Marisa Mell on the stairs on her way to the apartment of her secret lover Oberleutnant Lukas, played by another icon of German movies Ernst Stankovski, who is still active as an actor at the age of 81 and having more than 118 movies and TV-parts on his credit.

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Keith said...

Thanks for sharing this. I always learn something new from your blog. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Cheers!