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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alex und der Löwe (Teaser)

André Schneider is at the moment hard at work in writing the "Marisa Mell" moviebook but, as many of you loyal readers of the blog know, he is in the first place a talented actor, director, and (play)write! During the past summer he made his latest movie in Berlin (Germany) about love, friendship, seperation and everything in between. The production was not easy but with the endurance of the whole crew the project was on time in the can! The movie is at the moment being cut for its theatrical release this fall in Germany. To wet the appetite, here is another glimpse into the movie with a new teaser!
If you like to read more about the production of this movie one link only:

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Keith said...

Thanks for sharing that with us. I hope you did have a great weekend. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting on my blog. Take care. Cheers!