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Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Harmoniebilder" by Irene Rohrmoser (Exclusive interview)

At the end of the 70’s and beginning of the 80’s the movie career of Marisa Mell was slowly coming to an end. Movie offers were dwindling very fast in a rapid changing Italian movie and television landscape with the rise of the (free) commercial television stations on cable and satellite. Although there was a huge demand for broadcast content to feed the always hungry time tables of those stations from early in the morning until very late at night, the once flourishing Italian Cinema Bis could not sustain this pressure and collapsed.

That content had to be made very cheap, very quick and be very popular to attract massive audiences like endless soaps, series, telenovela’s, game and talk shows preferably with very young peroxy blond starlets as décor and an older male presenter or show host whose only interest was hearing himself endlessly talk and talk and talk. Those programmes could be molded around the financially important commercials, movies could not. And finally there was so much more quick money to be made at that time with the booming commercial television stations than in the very slow process of making and marketing movies. So Marisa Mell had to look elsewhere to find her income after two very financially successful decades giving her a luxurious jet set lifestyle but in the end an empty bank account.Nude photography for skin magazines like Italian Playboy or High Society was one venue for a beautiful women in her 40’s but that source would dry up very easily due to the limited amount of quality nude magazines in the world unless she made the transfer to hardcore porn like Karen Schubert, another Austrian Eurocult actress, did in 1985, after the end of her film career.(BTW what did happen to Karin Schubert after her porn career died? Where is she living now?) That was a road Marisa Mell was not willing to take, although she got some very tempting offers to cash in on her still very recognisable name in Southern Europe, especially in Italy and Spain. So around mid 1980’s she left expensive Rome and her sunny Italian lifestyle and came back to Vienna, her home town since her theatre school days, directing her career into another kind of segment of the arts like… drawing and painting, hoping to make another decent living. During the year 1988, Marisa Mell had painted together some kind of body of work that was good enough in her eyes to be shown to the world. One of those exhibitions was held in Vienna where she made the acquaintance with another young creative women at the beginning of her own career in photography. The beautiful lady was called Irene Rohrmoser.Irene Rohrmoser remembers: "That is a picture from long ago, so I do not remember much about it. What I do remember is that Marisa Mell was living again in Vienna, after her stay in Italy. She had no money. It was one of two evenings that I have met her. The exhibition had as central theme "dogs" that Marisa had painted. I think that it were "Malthesers" but I am not sure of it. My job at the exhibition was to document it for the press. I also remember her being very charming and nice with a deep velvety voice. During the meeting we had a nice talk about creating pictures and the subject of probably new exhibitions like animals which she liked very much. This is the only picture that I have of her. The other time that I met her was during the premiere of her last movie called "I love Vienna" together with other actors of the movie. She also was an actress on stage of the Wiener Rathaus. I know that during X-mas 1991 she was so needing that she had accepted a job as cook for a Vienna priest called "Father Laun". A few months later she sadly died. Thanks to this nice priest she received a grave on the Kahlenbergerdorf Graveyard, being so poor she was otherwise not able to afford one." During the following years Irene Rohrmoser went on to become a prominent commercial photographer in Vienna, Austria. During her professional life she discovered her talent to take stunning photos of every day objects like flowers, drops of water, rocks... and turn those photos into very powerful meditational pictures that vibrate on a conscious and subconscious level for the viewer that sees them. But let's hear Irene Rohrmoser tell us about this wonderful meditational tool in her own words:

"Innere Balance gewinnen mit speziell dafür aufgenommenen Fotos.
Unser BewusstSein wieder in Einklang bringen…
SEHEN, HÖREN , LESEN auch Sie tagtäglich Berichte über
Unfälle, Kriege, Überfälle und andere Gewalttaten ….
Bekommen auch SIE diese Berichte dann noch untermauert mit zum
Teil grausamen Bildern, damit sich diese negativen Informationen auch
besonders gut bei Ihnen EINPRÄGEN ?!
Diese „Aufnahmen“ nehmen SIE im „wahrsten“ Sinne des Wortes IN
SICH auf….sie setzen sich FEST im Unterbewusstsein – sie
PROGRAMMIEREN uns !!!…. Sie werden sicher bemerkt haben,
Sie manche von den Bildern lange Zeit nicht aus dem SINN bekommen,
oft machen Sie diese Bilder betroffen, zornig, Sie schlafen schlechter,
schlimmer noch, Sie verändern mit der Zeit IHR Wesen…. Es macht
Sie ängstlich, nervös und im schlimmsten Falle AGRESSIV, obwohl
das wahrscheinlich gar nicht Ihrem Wesen entspricht….
Das liegt ganz einfach daran, dass diese NEGATIVEN Informationen,
diese Bilder (= diese PROGRAMMIERUNGEN) Sie aus Ihrem
emotionalen Gleichgewicht bringen…..
Wie Sie sicher wissen, haben wir alle „zwei Seiten“ um es einfach
auszudrücken, „Yin und Yang“ nennt man es im chinesischen , bei uns
oft einfach nur „helle und dunkle Seiten“, etc….
Wenn Sie nun täglich nur EINE Seite in Ihnen „füttern“, nur EINE
Seite zu sehr „ausleben“, dann beginnt in Ihrem Inneren das
Gleichgewicht, die BALANCE zu kippen !
Dazu trägt noch das tägliche Einerlei bei, zu viel Stress, vielleicht
Ärger in der Schule, in der Firma, Hektik im Strassenverkehr, etc…. Sie
alle wissen davon sicher ein Lied zu singen….
Ihre innerliche „WAAGE “ sehnt sich vermehrt nach Lebensfreude,
Spaß, Muße, Ruhe, Zärtlichkeit, einfach wieder mehr nach der schönen
Seite des Lebens!!!
Mit MEINEN Bildern will ich persönlich dazu beitragen, Sie wieder
mehr in „Ihre“ Balance zu bringen…( den negativen Programmierungen
Meine Bilder sollen Ihnen über die visuelle Ebene MEHR Freude,
MEHR Ruhe, MEHR Schönheit vermitteln, sie sollen Sie GANZ
EINFACH WIEDER vermehrt GLÜCKLICHER sein lassen…
Sehen Sie sich auf meiner Webseite meine „Energetischen Bilder“ an, die
alle zu dem Zweck fotografiert wurden, Ihre „helle“ Seite wieder zum
Vorschein zu bringen….

If you like to learn more about the work of Irene Rohrmoser and the power of her pictures which can all be bought as very beautiful prints you can visit her at:

Thanks to Irene Rohrmoser for her generous contribution to this entry!


Holger Haase said...

As for Karin Schubert I remember reading in a newspaper a short while after end of porn career that she allegedly was spotted performing in a peep show in a red light district (in Hamburg? Can't recall). Ever since I tried to find a single trace of that article or any hints thereof but have failed miserably.

naldo said...

I read an interview with Karin for an Italian newspaper. She admitted having spent some time working in a farm, prior to moving to Manziana. She lived down there for some time in a house with an old man she was taking care of, while living with her dogs (almost twenty!). She tried to commit suicide on two occasions, but didn't succeed. Sad story. I hope somehow she managed to get hold of her life somehow.

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Hi Naldo, thanks for the information! It is appreciated. Is it possible to send a scan of the newspaper article to my email address: Thanks!