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Monday, January 31, 2011

A little R&R Maroccan Style!

After a year of hard work at my daytime job it is time for me to have a little R&R during the month of February 2011 as you can see in a place that is dear to my heart in Marocco. Marrakech is a mysterious city on the border of the desert and an excellent place to recharge the batteries! Before I go I would like to thank the many thousands of readers coming back each and every day, week or month in the past year and making the month of January 2011 the best month that this blog has ever seen! Although Marisa Mell left us many years ago the dedicated visitors prove that she is not forgotten and still alive in the many hearts of her fans. And that is a good thing to know! Untill March 1st 2011 when the doors of this blog will open again with a new entry honoring the life and work of Marisa Mell! Sincerely Yours Mirko.

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