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Friday, April 22, 2011

Pier Luigi Torri dies at age 85!

On March 19th 2011, according to IMDB, one of Marisa Mell's major protagonists in her life, has died at age 85 in Rome, Italy. Pier Luigi Torri is a name that for ever will be connected to Marisa Mell's life in good but more often in bad ways. They were at that time during their romance (!)between 1967-1971 known as the "Number One"-couple in reference to the hot spot nightclub "Number One" in Rome. The nightclub was partially owned by Torri and some of his friends, connected to the high society of Rome but also, often to the darker regions of society, in Italy, it means "organized crime". The romance and some say marriage, which probably took place in Barcelona, Spain, around 1969, was to say the least very tumultuous with a lot of drama, violence and in the end a miscarriage for Marisa Mell in 1969 during the Cannes Film Festival. The couple was "gefundenes fressen" for the Italian and world yellow press. Marsia Mell has often stated that she was regularely hit by Pier Luigi Torri. Nevertheless she stayed with him untill his drug connections blew up in his face and he had to escape to London, England in 1971, in an attempt to stay out of jail. The relationship with Pier Luigi Torri had a major impact on the life of Marisa Mell, which in my opinion, she never recovered from and which derailed her entire life and future because in her heart she really loved the man as her soul mate. For Pier Luigi Torri she was the trophy movie star and taken for granted. After his jail time, Torri returned back to Italy, Romy and started a new family resulting in a son and a daughter. Pier Luigi Torri survived Marisa Mell for 32 years! More in detail can be read on this Marisa Mell blog in previous entries!


Thanks to André Schneider for the information about the death of Pier Luigi Torri!

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