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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Color Slides with the song "Long Flowing Hair"

In the past I have often told on this blog that Marisa Mell is still an inspiration for present day creative people like singers, songwriters, designers, comic book artists... Today's entry is from the group "The Color Slides" with their song "Long Flowing Hair". The group members are Alaattin Cicek (vocals and guitar), Judy Trengrove (bass) and Tony Umiliani (drums). Words and music by Alaattin Cicek. The song was recorded at Sanctuary Studios in late August 2011. Producer was Alaattin Cicek. The song was published by Trabzon Records. The movieclips are taken from the movie "Una Sull'Altra" from 1969 by Lucio Fulci. Enjoy!

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