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Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Elisabeth von Österreich" on YouTube

"Elisabeth von Österreich-Ich möchte eine Möwe sein" is one of the Marisa Mell movies that is very hard to find for completist of her filmography! This 1972 television movie was never released on VHS or DVD so the only copies that are floating around are the ones that were taped from the broadcasts in recent years on German or Austrian television. But even those copies are very few due to the bad reputation of the movie  starting with some devastating reviews in the days when the movie was to be shown after its production which was a disaster thanks to the director old style and the stale performances of the actors involved. Since a few days you can see this movie on YouTube (Elisabeth) in full color. The movie was shot in color in 1972 but its first broadcast was in B/W. Later years it was broadcast by the German cultural satelite station 3SAT in color where this copy is taken from. So due to the often strange policy of YouTube on copy rights and removing material I suggest to download this movie very quickly if you would like to have a copy for your private Marisa Mell movie collection because there is no guarantee that it will be on YouTube for ever! Free downloading  from YouTube is possible via the Keepvid site. (Keepvid) Only minus the sound is off sync for a few seconds. Other entries on this movie on the Marisa Mell Blog: (Möwe) and (Wochenschau). More information on everything Elisabeth von Österreich can be found on the best site ever made regadering the history of the Habsburgs and related families "Alexander Palace Time Machine": (Habsburgs

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