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Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Doppia Coppia con Regina" - Set photos

In 1972 Marisa Mell starred in the Spanish drama production "Alta Tension" from director Julio Buchs with fellow co-stars Gabriele Ferzetti and Helga Liné. Among fans of Marisa Mell the movie is often better known as "Doppia Coppia con Regina", the Italian title of the movie. What makes this set of photos remarkable is that they are not, as often is done, taken from the film negative but are in fact on set pictures taken by a set photographer mostly working next to the running film camera or taking shots of the action and the stars between the set up of the next movie shots! So this is quite rare to see these on set photos of Marisa Mell during the production of a movie! These photos are not regarded as behind the scene photos because there is no equiment or staff visible on them. On set pictures were often used for promotion of the movie in magazines, newspapers...

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