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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Messalina (Fumetti per Adulti)

Marisa Mell was regarded in her days as a classical beauty like Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot. Thick dark auburn hair, cat like emerald green eyes and a voluptuous sensual mouth with big inviting lips. Every mans wet dream! So when she arrived in Rome in the mid '60's she was quickly spotted by the incrowd and finding a job in the movie business was easy. In a very short time she rose to fame becoming a weekly staple in the yellow press with her movies and especially with her love affaires with very famous men. In short Marisa Mell became a house hold name in Italian society. Everybody knew her name and face! So it isn't strange that her image also found its way in other media outlets than the movies. In the past the Marisa Mell Blog had entries about Marisa Mell being the template for comic book characters like Satanka. or Lucifera. This time her sexy image has been used to grace a cover of an Italian fumetti called "Messalina". The cover is from issue 101 of the series. Messalina is the wife of the Roman emperor Claudius. Because her husband is regarded as a retard and stammerer, not capable to satisfy his wife in bed, she is always on the look out for sexual adventures in ancient Rome with men and women from different races while plotting her way through Roman politics to satisfy her lust for power often using torture and gruesome murders as her wapon. The series was, like many other fumetti heroines, a  big success from 1966 until 1974 running for 185 issues. Today these individual issues fetch top prices at the secondary market and are hard to find in prestine condition. The photo of Marisa Mell is a promotional still used to promote her movie "...dopo di che uccide il maschio e lo divora" starring Stephen Boyd as her counterpart.

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