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Sunday, March 17, 2013

"New York chiama Superdrago"

During the height of the James Bond craze Marisa Mell could not escape becoming part of an Italian James Bond movie clone called "New York chiama Superdrago" . The film premiered on February 17 1966 and is now regarded als one of the so many movies trying to cash in on the spy wave of that era! Although having had in recent years several DVD releases the film is still not widely known among the general public and is probably best remembered from an episode of the cult classic television series "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" just like its counterpart "Danger: Diabolik!". Nevertheless these lobby cards are a real gem from an era long gone! And they really deliver what they should do namely giving the impression when you saw them in the cinema lobby that you are going to see a good action packed movie with spies, beautiful women, mad scientists and an über-criminal organisation gaining for world domination. Sadly the movie did not deliver that at all but is instead a real bore from start till finish, only highlighted by Marisa Mell's presence!

Thanx again to Gerald S. from Krefeld, Germany for letting me use this wonderfull complete set of lobby cards! You are really spoiling me, my friend!


khurasan miniatures said...

Hi, just one very small point -- MST is spelled out as Mystery Science Theater, not Theatre. That's the American spelling as opposed to British.

I first saw Marisa Mell on these MSTs and became completely addicted to her -- I think she's the most beautiful of all the 60s euro-actresses. Her face was arguably perfect.

I'd love to see her in more but I think most of her films are rather hard to find, and even then not subtitled or dubbed. Well, watching her on MST certainly makes the movies more fun!

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Thanks for the comment and the correction of MST! Yes, MM's face was stunning. BTW nice site you have regarding miniatures at:

All the best, Mirko