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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Body language

This photo is a behind the scenes shot of Marisa Mell as "Gloria Hall" with fellow cast member Jean-Claude Bercq as "Omero" on the set of the 1968 film "Le Cascadeur" or in English "Stuntman", where a women tries to lure a stuntman into stealing an Indian artifact. This is a great shot of Marisa Mell. There are not that many behind the scene photo's of her where she is totally relaxed and laughing, even showing her teeth. Although Marisa Mell had beautiful teeth she was not in the habit of showing them a lot on film or photo. So most of her photo's are staged without laughing. But that is not all. This photo is also great because it tells us a story simply by looking at the body language of the two actors. Both actors made only one film together so they probably didn't know each other before filming started. We are several weeks into production so they had time to get to know each other well because they are standing very close to each other in an intimate way. Marisa Mell's hair is even touching the nose of Jean Claude Bercq. He has told her something funny what made her laugh spontaneously. Although a funny story to make her laugh, her body language is telling us a complete different story. First she is not looking at her partner but is looking down. That is always a dead give away that the listener is not 100% sure of the honesty of her partner and the truth of the story being told. But that is not all to strengthen her suspicion Maria Mell is rubbing her nose. That is also a sign that she has her suspicions about the whole setting. I wonder what he could have told her???

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