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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Graz, Trondheimgasse 12

Marisa Mell was born on February 24th, 1939 in Graz, Province of Styria, Austria. She lived with her family for a certain time in a street called "Trondheimgasse" at n° 12. At the age of 18, after graduation, she went to Vienna to study theatre and drama at the Max Reinhardt Seminar. Graz became in 2003 "Cultural Capital of Europe" for that year and the women of the "WOMENT" organisation in that city decided to honor some women from Graz who had some kind of historical importancy for Graz and her history. In honor of these women, the organisation decided to dedicate 23 plates to these women in a project called "20+03". On march 8th 2003, on International Women's Day, these plates were revealed and during April 2003 they were put on the walls at their distinctive places. Each plate of the 23 plates has a different look and color scheme but they all share the same concept so that they have a common feeling and look about them. The graphic design is by an artist called Sabine Hörtner, selected after a competition to create the best design for this project. The texts are by writer Eva Rossmann. The text on the plate for Marisa Mell goes as follows:
"Zur Würdigung von Marisa Mell (1939-1992)-Schauspielerin - Schön war sie und sie hatte Talent. Sie genoss ihre Berühmtheit und Männer lagen ihr zu Füssen. Ein Traumleben voller Glamour - die Liebe kam zu kurz. Der Film riss, als sie nicht mehr makellos sein konnte. Trondheimgasse 12-Ehrmaliger Wohnort"
(In honor of Marisa Mell (1939-1992)-Actress - She was beautiful and had talent. Sie enjoyed her fame and men were at her feet. A dream life full of glamour - only love fell short. The movie broke when she could not be perfect any more. Trondheimgasse 12-former residency)

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Keith said...

That is really cool. Glad to see Marisa honored in such a way. Marisa was definitely beautiful and talented. Thanks for sharing that with us. Have a great weekend.