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Monday, January 12, 2009

Das Rätsel der Roten Orchidee - Lobby Cards

In 1962, Marisa Mell appeared in the movie "Das Rätsel der Roten Orchidee" based on a novel by Edgar Wallace. In this movie she appeared with a lot of other Euro-cult stars! In her first scene she plays opposite a veteran German actor named Fritz Heinrich Rasp. He was an actor who appeared in several Edgar Wallace movies before and after World War II. This was his last Wallace movie.
Marisa Mell receives in the movie an orchidee from actor Pinkas Braun. He would also become a regular player in several Edgar Wallace movies. This was his first movie adaptation of the krimi author. In 1965 she would appear again with him in the movie "New York chiama Superdragon".
And then there is of course "the" Euro-cult actor Adrian Hoven. His career ran from 1947 untill 1981 the year of his death by heart attack. His filmography is a treasure trove of cult movie titles to long to mention her. So if you are interested you can look it up but his most famous title is "Mark of the Devil" and it's follow up "Mark of the Devil II".

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Keith said...

Those are really great images. Thanks Mirko for posting those lobby cards.