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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Schneider Connection

Since the start of my blog I get a lot of mails from around the world from other Marisa Mell fans! I am always glad to hear from them and appreciate each and every one of them. It signals to me that Marisa Mell is not forgotten and a lot of people are still enjoying her movies every day and missing her very much. On Wednesday January 14th, 2009, I got a very nice mail from a German actor-writer-director-producer named Andre Schneider. Andre Schneider is a big fan of Marisa Mell since his early childhood and a collector of memorabelia from around the world of her life and work.

Andre Schneider lives in Berlin (Germany) and London (UK). He is a graduate from the world famous actor school Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. He appeared in several international TV productions like the British cult favorite's "London's burning!" and "Taggart" but also in international movies like "Wish you where here" or "Dos Billetes". But that is not enough, he is also active on the production front as producer and writer of movies like "Deed Poll" and "Der Mann im Keller".

Andre has written 2 published books in 2004 in English "Life is a sexually transmitted disease" and in 2005 in German "Die Sprache der Scherben", both available at

As mentioned Andre Schneider is also fascinated by the life and works of Marisa Mell. He has also created a site in her honor (

On this site you can find three very interesting articles about Marisa Mell written by Andre:

The first is written in German about the lives and similarities of Marisa Mell and her friend Romy Schneider (

The second is in Spanish about Marisa Mell in the movie Marta (

And finally the third one is in German as a portrait of Marisa Mell (

Andre Schneider has also a very interesting personal blog about his private and professional life. (

But that is not all. The best always comes at the end! Andre Schneider told me that he is working on a biography on the life of Marisa Mell. Personally I am very happy to hear that because I think it was long overdue and the time is going to be right to get it published around her 20th year of passing. Knowing his dedication and love for the subject, the book will be very good. In future entries we will come back to report on further developments on that front!

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Keith said...

Hey Mirko. That's so cool. It's awesome that you are hearing from fans of hers from around the world. There are plenty of us out there who still love and adore this woman. We haven't forgotten about her. I love your blog. Keep up the good work.