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Monday, March 2, 2009

The "Number One" couple-Encore

On February 26th, 2009, I received a comment on my January 29th 2009 entry titled -The "Number One" couple - regarding the relationship of Marisa Mell with the Italian playboy "Pier Luigi Torri" by a person registered under the name "Pierre Luigi Torri".

He made the following comment on the blog: "Alright father was born on 20th of October 1933 not 1926. He is still alive and well. He never did go to jail for 7 years when he got back to Italy. He was actually pardoned to return freely to Italy already while in London but was having to much a good time in London. His escape from Scotland Yard is a very interesting one, which no one other than I and my sister actually know of in total! I am glad to read of him though sometimes, whom are you who wrote this article? His only son Pierre Luigi Torri."

(Photo of Pier Luigi Torri around 1977)
In response to this comment I would like to make the following statement: Dear Pierre Luigi Torri, nobody meant or means to offend your father Pier Luigi Torri -- I have put together information I've found in different public sources like old newspapers, on the internet, books etc. If those informations aren't true or reliable, what can be done? Do you have other sources or more reliable information? For instance, Marisa Mell wrote in her autobiography that Pier Luigi Torri was 13 years her senior. Since she was born in 1939 one automatically assums that he must have been born in 1926. Regards and all the best. Mirko di Wallenberg


Keith said...

Hey Mirko. That is neat that you heard from his son. Wow! It's always interesting to hear from people related to people we discuss on our blogs. I've had that happen a few times myself. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

The Escape of Scotland Yard can be found in our book: In GOLD WE TRUST under Chapter: The Escape

One of my favorite chapters in the book.

Deedee Panesar