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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Since the inception of this blog I have written several entries about the life and work of Marisa Mell that for me as an admirer and collector were also surprises, not only investigating these entries, but also discovering things that I didn't know about her like the ones about her artwork, her relationship with Pier Luigi Torri as the "Number One" couple, her lost movie "Dr" and seeing it after 45 years and the photo with her address in her handwriting on the back mentioning she was living in Vienna in the Biberstrasse before relocating to Italy in 1965. Writing for this blog gives you the eagerness to be always on the look out for new info regarding Marisa Mell. This info comes often through the traditional channels but sometimes it comes through channels you didn't expect! Several days ago I got my hands on an old copy of a local German newspaper called "Hambuger Abendblatt". The newspaper still exists today. It is a paper that mainly writes for the harbour region of Hamburg in the north of Germany. Writing about Marisa Mell at that time was not that interesting for their readers because a) she is not German but Austrian and b) not living in Germany but in Italy but nevertheless the Hamburger Abendblatt did it! Thank God for that otherwise we would never have known this info. This is the copy of the paper:

In her glory days, there have been numerous articles written about Marisa Mell. So nothing special on first sight untill one reads the article! And than the info hits and shocks you to the core!

(Free translation of the article: A baby for Marisa Mell. After Ursula Andress, another German speaking actress living in Rome is expecting her first baby. Marisa Mell (35), the long standing fiancée of the movie producer and sentenced fraud Pier Luigi Torri will be a mother in 5 months! The father is the actor Gianni Macchia (28). Marisa Mell: "Our Love-Story runs for 3 years. Gianni is already the father of a 10 year old boy from a previous marriage. Why shouldn't he have a child with me?". Photo caption: Marisa Mell is expecting a baby. When it will be a girl her name will be Eurasia because she was concived in Kathmandu.)

Why is this shocking news? Officially is it always known that Marisa Mell was pregnant during the end of the sixties. Unfortunately she lost the baby due to a stress related miscarriage or as some say an abortion, that mystery was never cleared. During that pregnancy, she was in a relationship with the Italian playboy Pier Luigi Torri. For the full story you can read the entry: the "Number One" couple. This newspaper article now claims that she was expecting another child. She was not only a few weeks pregnant, still in risk to loose the child but she was already in her fourth month which gives a future mother more assurance that she can deliver a healthy baby. Other revealing news is the name of the father. Not Pier Luigi Torri as expected but the Italian actor Gianni Macchia. Gianni Macchia and Marisa Mell made 2 movies together i. c. 1980's "Traficantes di Panico" and 1990's "Sensazioni d'Amore" and in 1978 the episode "Bedelia" for the TV-series "Sam and Sally". After reading the article you just wonder what did happen with the baby! Marisa Mell never talked about this child in public or in her biography Coverlove, probably a girl, by the contence of the article! Her name would have been "Eurasia", probably a reference, not only to Kathmandu but also to Asia Argento, the daughter of famous horror and giallo director Dario Argento. Marisa Mell was always a child of the sixties and the flower power movement so her visit to Kathmandu and naming her child "Eurasia" fits perfectly in this mind frame like punk singer Nina Hagen did by calling her daughter Cosma Shiva Hagen! I have never heard that she gave birth to this child, so the possibility exists that she had the child in secret and gave it up for adoption. This is the only article dedicated to this child in a newspaper I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them about Marisa Mell. But what about the father of the child??? How does he fit into the picture??? Where is this child now??? Another mystery to investigate deeper???


Anonymous said...

The article was published on April Fool's Day, 1980. It was a joke. Every German newspaper posts a hoax on April 1. We call it "eine Ente". In this particular article, there are a lot of wrong informations. By the time the article was published, she was 41, not pregnant, not with Gianni Macchia (any more), and not German.

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

And that's why there is no date on the newspaper in my entry or did I not mention the date of the article being April 1, 198O in the entry to not give away the April Fool's Day Joke! So, readers, be aware next week!

Keith said...

Hey Mirko. I had planned to take a break from blogging. I had thought I would stay away for maybe a few weeks to a month or so. Part of me was actually thinking of giving it all up. I changed my mind though. Your blog is one of those I really like. I need my Marisa fix. Take care.

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Hi Keith, I am glad that you changed your mind and will keep doing your terrific blogs: "Sugar and Spice" and "The Dino Lounge"! I know that writing a blog can be quite a task but I think that you are correct in taking several days or even weeks off if you need the rest! Everybody needs a little R&R at given time! All the more you will enjoy blogging! Welcome back, Buddy!