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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Amarilla - Help wanted!

Being in the movie business is a tricky business. Nothing is more uncertain than making a movie. Everybody in the business will confirm this. Of every movie made, dozens of movies are not made or fail during some stage in the production process. So much can happen untill the final movie is delivered to the producers. So each actor or actress has many movie projects on their resumé that could have been. Even so for Marisa Mell. A few weeks ago I stumbled on an article about Marisa Mell in a Spanish magazine. The 1971 article was mainly about the movie she was shooting at that time in Spain called "Historia de una traición" or also known as "Carla e Lola". Nothing exceptionel except for one sentence in the article. Marisa Mell says that (naturally) she loves being in Spain and that her next film project will be a movie called "Amarilla". That was new to me! Untill that moment I had never heard of a movie or movie project called "Amarilla" connected to Marisa Mell or any other Eurostar from that era like Edwige Fenech, Erica Blanc,... . Checking the internet with all its usual sources did not give any information at all. A total blank! Damned. So this one remains a mystery. The Spanish word "Amarilla" means to my knowledge "Yellow". Could it be that this movie was a Spanish version of an Italian "Giallo", which also means "Yellow"? I don't know, but it could be. The Spanish have also made several Gialli during the high time of this genre in European cinema. Or could the movie well being made without Marisa Mell with another actress under a completely different title? Amarilla could have been the production title that is being lost once the official title was used to promote the movie. Who knows? At the moment nothing is certain. So therefore I would like to launch an appeal to the many thousands of readers each and every month of this blog about this movie "Amarilla". Is there someone in cyberspace that knows more about this obscure movieproject once called "Amarilla"? If so I would gladly like to receive this information for a possibly future entry on this blog. When the entry will be published name credit will be given. You can email me at: Thanks!

1 comment:

Keith said...

I have no clue myself. You've got me really intrigued about this. You know what. I didn't know that the Spanish made their own giallo films. I thought that was something just done by Italians. I learn something new all the time.