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Friday, February 5, 2010

Hecho en Europa, Cine de géneros Europeo, 1960-1979

Once every few years you get a book in your hands that makes you so happy that you own it but best of all that you are going to have a very good time reading it! "Hecho en Europa", cine de géneros Europeo from 1960-1970 is such a great book. Often books are written by authors who know to some degree what they are writing about but the contributing authors of this book sure know their stuff in and out regarding everything Eurocult cinema from decades past. The list of authors reads as a real "who's who" from the latin Eurocult world: Jesús Parrado, Javier G. Romero, Nino Ortea, Antonio José Navarro, Pablo Fernández, Ramón Freixas & Joan Bassa, Tomás Fernández Valentíni, Alfredo Lara López, Ángel García Romero and last but not least the always reliable Carlos Aguilar, who by the way, wrote together with his wife Anita Haas an amazing autobiography and filmography about John Phillip Law called "Diabolik Angel". This book was finished a few weeks before the untimely death of John Phillip Law. Both authors had the full cooperation of this versatile Eurocult actor and access to his private photo library.
If you are following the Eurocult sites and blogs from the different genres the names of the authors are very familiar to you so it does not come as a surprise that they tackle in this book material as experts in their fields like Eurowestern, Cine Bélico, Cine Fantástico, Cine de Aventuras, Eurothriller, Cine et Erotismo, Cine et Literatura, Cine et Cómic, Cine et Musica.

Both books can be bought by writing a mail to this adress:

They will gladly give you all the information regarding price, shipment and payment. Highly recommended.

1 comment:

Nino Ortea said...

¡hola, Mirko!
Some blog you have, keep up the god work.
Thanks for your review of the book.
On behalf of all the staff who are involved in the production of it.
It has really been a pleasure to work with all of them in the book.
And, there are more in the making.
Coming soon...

Take care.