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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cannes Film Festival-May 8th 1969

On May 8th 1969, almost every star and starlet from the end of the sixties had a rendez-vous on the Côte d' Azur in Cannes for the 22nd Cannes Film Festival. The clip is from the opening night when the guests of honor like Sylva Koscina, Omar Shariff, Romy Schneider, Vanessa Redgrave and... Marisa Mell arrived at the opening diner. Marisa Mell's career was gaining momentum with movies like "Danger: Diabolik" and "Una Sull'Altra" so she was in the centre of attention together with fellow eurocult star Sylva Koscina. In this clip Marisa Mell arrives at the diner and is being photographed by paparazzi. In another part of the clip she is sitting at her diner table with husband of that time Pier Luigi Torri. Marisa Mell probably got her invitation to the festival via her friend Helmut Berger whose lover Luchino Visconti was President of the Jury for the film competition.

The clip has no sound, bad lightning and picture quality.


Anonymous said...

She looks radiant! A real stunner at the height of her beauty!! (Unfortunately it was the Cannes film festival in 1969 where she suffered a miscarriage (according to "Coverlove").)

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Yes, she is very beautiful in this short clip! I am glad that I found that one!