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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giallo Scrapbook #3

Midnight Media is a British publisher of the highly popular independent film magazine "Is It Uncut?" and special publications dedicated to the world of wild cinema bis with titles including: "Slash Hits", "Blazing Magnums", "Hispanic Horrors" and the phantastic "Giallo Scrapbook"-series. This fall Midnight Media is going to publish part 3 of this series with Marisa Mell on the cover from the movie "Sette Orchidee Macchiate di Rosso" directed by Umberto Lenzi. Like the previous two publications the Giallo Scrapbook #3 will be another collectable tribute dedicated to the flashy and trashy world of Italian Giallo Cinema with more than 40 movies reviewed in style - including: BLOOD LINK, CALLING ALL POLICE CARS, A CAT IN THE BRAIN, CRAZY DESIRES OF A MURDERER, DEADLY INHERITANCE, THE DEADLY SWEET, DEATH FALLS LIGHTLY, DEATH OCCURRED LAST NIGHT, THE DESIGNATED VICTIM, THE DEVIL HAS 7 FACES, DON'T LOOK NOW, THE DOUBLE, EYE OF THE LABYRINTH, THE FLOWER WITH PETALS OF STEEL, THE FOURTH VICTIM, GIALLO, GIALLO A VENEZIA, THE GIRL IN ROOM 2A, THE HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS, IN THE FOLDS OF THE FLESH, THE KILLER IS ON THE PHONE, KILLER NUN, THE KILLER RESERVED NINE SEATS, MADHOUSE, THE MURDER CLINIC, MURDER OBSESSION, NOTHING UNDERNEATH, OASIS OF FEAR, ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER, AN OPEN TOMB... AN EMPTY COFFIN, PENSIONE PAURA, RED RIDING HOOD, SMILE BEFORE DEATH, SO SWEET SO PERVERSE, SPIRITS OF DEATH, THE STUDENT CONNECTION, THE SWEET BODY OF DEBORAH, TWO FACES OF FEAR, THE WEAPON THE HOUR THE MOTIVE, THE WEEKEND MURDERS. Whaw! The publication is written by Nigel J. Burrell and designed and edited by Paul J. Brown. It has been designed to look like one of the deranged killers has put it together, with blood splats, smeary fingerprints and torn out text and will be full colour throughout and lavishly illustrated with many rare images from these amazing movies. Highly recommended - Format is A5. Publication date will be announced shortly. Here is a look at the covers of the other publications. I have them all and they are joy to read and mostly a great way to discover new movies that you have never heard off.

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