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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tell Me On A Sunday!

Marisa Mell in Rome with her beloved Afghan hound Rocco not looking very happy that she was discovered by paparazzi in her pregnant state and rather dull outfit.
The year is 1977. Marisa Mell is 38 years old and living partly in Rome and partly in Madrid. She is still working in the Eurocult movie business, mostly doing Italo-Spanish movies, but her reputation as a man hungry women and her age is slowly affecting her career. Although her beauty was still untouched at that time, her soul was not. She once said "Every man wanted me, but no man wanted to keep me." And that was the harsh reality of her life untill the very end. Like almost every women she also longed to have a faithfull husband and some children to come home too when a days job on the movie set was over or when coming back from an engagement abroad. She had high hopes to reach that goal with two men in her life: Pier Luigi Torri from Italy and Espartaco Santoni from Spain. But both men disappointed her heavyly. Torri became a fugitive and went several years behind bars in London (UK) after the "Number One" Nightclub fiasco with drugs and an organized crime involvement; Espartaco Santoni declared several times in the yellow press that Marisa Mell was the women of his life and that they without any doubt would get married in the near future. Fact was that after a two year relationship, after Marisa Mell was single again when Pier Luigi Torri fled Italy, that he also left Marisa Mell in 1975 for another starlet/model named Carmen Cervera. ("Who is that???", you might ask! Well, look her up on Wiki and you'll see that her life is much more interesting than even Alexis's life on the soap "Dynasty" as a gold digger! She reached fame and extreme fortune in the end when she married and than became widow of the extremely wealthy high society Baron Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza.) So once again she was single and on drift. Although Marisa Mell was regarded by the yellow press as a strong modern women in reality she was very insecure and longed to have a strong man in her life that she could depend on. Several months after her seperation from Espartaco Santoni rumour started to spread among the Italian-Spanish incrowd that Marisa Mell was pregnant. Problem was that she was not a socialite at that moment so confirmation was very hard to get untill one sunday morning in the autumn of 1977 when paparazzi found Marisa Mell walking with her beloved Afghan hound Rocco and a young man in a park in Rome. The paparazzi did not let escape this golden opportunity and took several photo's of her clearly showing her belly as a pregnant women. There was no doubt about that. Marisa Mell was pregnant again. This was not the first time. At the end of the 60's, in 1969, when she was with Pier Luigi Torri, Marisa Mell got pregnant but during the Cannes Film Festival she lost her baby due to a miscarriage, she always claimed. Other people claim that she had an abortion. Taking pictures of Marisa Mell in her blessed state was not enough for the paparazzi. They wanted to know who the father was of the child. During that conversation with the press Marisa Mell refused to tell it. The journalists recognized the man she was with as actor Gianni Macchia, but was he the father or was it another lover in her past? Several months before this meeting in the park, Marisa Mell had a relationship with a pianist called Maurizio Libardo. Problem was that he was 20 years old, or 18 years younger than Marisa Mell. Could he be the father of the baby? In the yellow press at that time, speculation went wild. The magazine "Lecturas" headlined: " Marisa Mell espera su primer hijo a los 38 años". Untill this day nothing, to my knowledge, is known about the father of the child. It becomes even more mysterious. How did the pregnancy end? Fact is that Marisa Mell did not give officially birth to a child during her life. Did she had another miscarriage or did she deliver the baby but gave it up for adoption or was the baby during the course of pregnancy still born? A lot of questions with no answers for the moment! Maybe to be continued!

Marisa Mell with Italian actor Gianni Macchia in an staged embrace.


What is also strange is the fact that Marisa Mell is smoking while pregnant hence the ever present cigarette in her right hand.

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