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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Masquerade (100th Entry)

Last monday, July 27th, the Marisa Mell Blog celebrated its 1st anniversary. Today the blog got its 100th entry. Whew, I never thought to reach this number after only 52 weeks, almost two entries every week! And as they say: "The best is yet to come!" For this special occassion, I thought to enter something new for this blog! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! So without further delay "curtains open"!


Keith said...

Congrats! That's so awesome. You've got an incredible blog here. I've learned so much about Marisa. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers!

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Hi Keith, Thanks for the nice words! I remembered not so long ago when you hit the 100th entry mark on your "Sugar and Spice" Blog and I thought "Whaw" and now I hit the same mark! How about that? (^_^)