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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mata Hari-Time Magazine, December 8th 1967

Merrick Shoots Mata
Friday, Dec. 08, 1967
In a world where the popular image of a spy alternates between gadget-crammed fantasy and faceless seediness, can Mata Hari, the cooch-dancing agent of World War I, carry a lavish musical on her bare shoulders?
Producer David Merrick thought so — to the tune of an $800,000 investment, plus Hollywood's Vincente Minnelli to direct, plus a buildup for curvaceous star Marisa Mell that included coverage in Vogue and McCall's. But Merrick was wrong. After a ludicrous Washington preview at which everything from the scenery to the sound system came apart at the seams, Mata Hari opened to lethal reviews.
Last week Producer Merrick, who modestly describes himself as "the most vital force in the theater today," decided once again that mortality is sometimes the better part of vitality. He decreed that Mata Hari would have to be shot before opening on Broadway. Last year he similarly closed Breakfast at Tiffany's, losing a mere $400,000.


Baskingshark said...

What a shame! They should have done it as a movie. Marisa would have been an aweseme Mata Hari on the big screen!

Keith said...

Great cover. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend.

Anonymous said...

That was the saddest moment of her career -- it practically ended her career in the United States and caused a lifelong fear of the stage.

Anonymous said...

The Mata Hari soundtrack is now available on CD! I just sent you an E-mail with the link. :o)