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Monday, July 6, 2009

"You are a great read"-Award

Monday mornings are often a struggle to start the week after a great weekend! This monday morning was an exception to the rule. My fellow blogger Keith from the excellent blog "The Dino Lounge" has awarded the "You are a great read" Award to the Marisa Mell Blog. The award is given to blogs by bloggers recognizing a good balance between pictures and informative accompanying texts. What makes this award also special is that there are upon thousands and thousands of blogs on the Net but your fellow blogger thinks that your blog could be an example for other bloggers or new bloggers who are entering the field on how to publish a blog. Starting a blog is easy but to keep a blog interesting each and every day, week or month of the year is another question. You can only do it if you have subcombed to the magic of blogging. An addiction! So, thanks, Keith for the honor. Keith's great blogs can be visited by these links! If you are a fan of everything Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr... and you would like to see each day a new picture of these cool Rat Pack members than there is only one site: . Keith has also another daily site devoted to the stunningly beautiful ladies of yesteryear like Ursula Andress, Brigitte Bardot, Christina Lindberg, Daliah Lavi, Edwige Fenech, and lots and lots more than there is again only one site: .
The tradition with this award and some other awards is to give the award to another fellow blogger that you admire for the work he/she has done. After concideration and in no particular order here are my three blogs that I would like to give the "You are a great read"-Award.
First, there is the always entertaining "MYA"-blog "" solely dedicated to a relatively new DVD label publishing Italian movies that have never been published before on DVD or making some older movies again available for a new generation. In these harsh times I find it very courageous to start a new DVD label while a lot of the other companies are quiting the once blooming market. Mya offers each month several new releases and that should be supported by all the fans of Italian genre movies!

Another great blog, just like the Mya-Blog, is still rather new, but has gained a lot of followers in the past months and is called This blog is a real treasure trove of information regarding everything Italian Western movies and its stars. I have said it more than once that I am big fan of everything Italian Westerns and this blog gives us so much info that you can wander around for many hours without getting tired or sun burned. The blog not only gives reviews and info on films but also goes into the lives and sadly the deaths of many former stars. When reading the blog you can feel the vast knowledge of the author and love he has for everything Western all Italiana. And last but not least, this blog is a true work of love. gives you a glimpse into the fascinating world of the press book ads published in newspapers during a run of a movie. This blog gives you the news paper ads of classic vintage movies, not only of the A-list titles like the Exorcist or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid but mostly of the Grindhouse classics like Dirty Mary Crazy Larry or Swinging Sorority and many many more. Terrific blog!


Keith said...

Hey Mirko. Great post. I was very thrilled to bestow this award on your blog. I absolutely love it. I've grown in my love and admiration for Marisa due to your blog. I always enjoy seeing what you post next. Thanks for the great remarks about my blogs. I'm glad you like what I do there. It's always nice to see your comments at my blogs. I'll definitely have to check out those blogs you gave the award to. Take care. Hope your week has started off well.

Mirek said...

Thank you very much, Mirko, for awarding the Mya Blog. Marisa Mell rules!