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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Although Marisa Mell is almost gone 20 years it is amazing that she still is able to touch the hearts of many people around the world by her beauty, character and performance on the silver screen. She even keeps being an artistic inspiration for fans who have never been to an original screening of her movies in the cinema's many years ago but became fans after viewing one of her movies in recent years. Let's meet one of those younger fans!

Hey Jarrod, thanks for granting this interview and showing your video! What can you tell about yourself?

I'm just a real big fan of rare and unusual European cinema from the 60s and 70s (mostly French and Italian). I live in New York and I'm in the process of finishing up a college degree in a Bachelor of Arts in film and media studies. I am honored to share my Clarkes' video on your Marisa Mell Blog, and thanks for watching!

What gave you the idea to combine the great music of the group "The Clarkes" with a Marisa Mell movie?

The lead singer and lyricist of the band (Tony Johnson) is one my very dearest friends and my ex-roommate. When I lived with him, he was in the midst of writing this album and demoing it, as I was collecting hundreds of films and editing together clips. Well my friend put out the Clarkes in 2003 and the two song writers split ways (another friend Peter Weldon is the musician and songwriter). Having realized that there were no live performances available on video, or any videos made for any of their songs, I decided to take it upon myself to make videos out of rare european films that have had little attention in the world. The Clarkes is an album that I like quite a bit, not just because the songwriters are my friends, but I sincerely think it's a beautifully written, harmonized and performed record. I really wanted more people to hear it and this is why I'm sharing it with the world.

What is it about Marisa Mell that fascinates you?

As for Marisa Mell, well, she is just quite simply beautiful! With every Clarkes' video, I dedicate each one to a specific favorite actor or actress of mine. When I started out this project, I knew that I would specifically do a video for Marisa Mell (as well as Claudine Auger, Edwige Fenech, Stefania Casini and Barbara Bouchet). Though, what makes Marisa Mell a little different, is that she seems the most mysterious. Where other actresses seem to share an external expressionism, I've always found Marisa to be expressive in an internal way. Though I only have a handful of Marisa's films, she completely fascinates me with her acting and beauty. The scene I used from "The Great Swindle" is one that just happened to strike a cord with me, and when I listened to the song the images of the film came to mind, and I couldn't really say "why." I crossed the two together (song and film) and it really seemed to work for me.

What are your favorite Marisa Mell movies?

As for the Marisa Mell films that I like, well "Danger Diabolik" was the first one I saw back in 1991, and I was pretty struck by her. I really love "Secret Agent Superdragon," "One On Top Of The Other," "The Great Swindle," "Seven Bloodstained Orchids," "Diary Of An Erotic Murderess," "Born Winner," "Casanova & Co.," and "Beast With A Gun." My Marisa Mell holy grail is to find "Anyone Can Play," which is one that I've been searching years for.

What do you think of the Marisa Mell Blog?

Your Marisa Mell blog looks absolutely great! I hadn't seen some of the awesome poster art before! Real nice job with great dedication.

Where can interested people see more of your work?

I have a YouTube Channel called "igotmobilephone" with more than 75 videos ranging from trailers, clips of Eurocult movies and more great songs from "The Clarkes".

I would be honored if your readers came to visit my channel at:

Thanks Jarrod and good luck with future projects!

Thanks to André Schneider for signaling this video to me!

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