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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Haluk Özözlü-From Istanbul with Love!

(c) Haluk Özözlü

In the 60's and 70's during the height of Marisa Mell's career as a member of the jet-set she traveled a lot in the world history and so one day her plane landed in Istanbul, Turkey. Let's hear from a special eyewitness: photo journalist Haluk Özözlü. Mr Haluk Özözlü, thanks for granting this interview to the Marisa Mell Blog!

My pleasure!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure, I am a photo journalist for almost 40 years now. I am now 60 years old, living and working in Istanbul, Turkey.

How did you meet Marisa Mell in Istanbul?

Well, I can not remember extactly the year but it must be between 1976 - 1979, unfortunately it is a long time ago. One day she came to the popular newspaper "Hürriyet". My editor then wanted me to photograph her for the newspaper. So we decided to go the very famous Topkapi Palace because it is such a beautiful place and would make a great setting for photo's of her. The newspaper was situated around one kilometer from the palace, so quite nearby. Marisa Mell and I walked together to the Palace for about 20 minutes. At the Palace we went to the portrait wing. There I took several pictures of Marisa Mell in front of the world famous picture of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Looking back, what do you still remember of Marisa Mell?

I can say that she was extremely beautiful with beautiful eyes and magnificant lips! She looked very wild and sexy. I noticed that she was a heavy smoker. After the photoshoot Marisa Mell and I went back to the newspaper for an interview. Once done she went back to her hotel, the Intercontinental Hotel in Taksim. After that I never saw her again.

Where can people see your work and learn more about Istanbul and Turkey?

I have a website at where people can find a lot of my photographs and more practical information about my work, home country Turkey and the city where I live Istanbul! I would be honored if people would visit my site!

(c) Haluk Özözlü

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Anonymous said...

Magnificent! I stumbled across these photos YEARS ago and always wondered where and when they might have been taken. Thank You for sharing this interview with us!