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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Butterfly Among Flies Revisited!

The Italian Western "Amico stammi lontano almeno un palmo" from 1972 is one of my favorite Marisa Mell movies. Not because the movie has a great story or that Marisa Mell had a leading part or that it is one of the cult westerns from that era, no, it is one of my favorite Marisa Mell films solely because it has in my opinion the most beautiful cameo Marisa Mell ever had in her movie career, with a segment that runs no longer than around 15 minutes. What makes it so captivating is that it is a movie within a movie with Marisa Mell at the height of her beauty and acting abilities together with a superb Guiliano Gemma as her counterpart. For the complete analysis of that cameo, visit A Butterfly Among Flies! on this blog! For the last entry this month honoring 25 years since the sad passing of Marisa Mell, here are some behind the scene pictures taken during the summer of 1971 in Ameria, Spain, while shooting their scenes. These are some wonderful pictures of Marisa Mell, who was enjoying herself immensely during the shoot with her co-star Gemma.

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