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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Ciao Amore" or remembering Marisa Mell's death already 25 years!

Today marks the 25th remembrance day of the passing of Marisa Mell on May 16th 1992, after losing her battle with throat cancer at the Wilhelminenspital, in Vienna, Austria. Her best friend actress, author and publisher Erika Pluhar wrote in her famous book “Marisa Mell – Rückblenden auf einer Freundschaft” shortly after her death the following eulogy:


My dearest friend Marlies

When we strolled through the park of Schloss Schönbrunn 35 years ago we tried to grasp the secrets of life in our conversations. Life was in front of us, and we walked full of hope into its direction.

Now I have to say goodbye to you…and that hurts immensely.

You have fulfilled your life on Earth! It was full of glamour and hardship. It has gifted you with beauty, wisdom and talent… but it has also gifted you in the end with nothing.

What does give your early departure a glow, and what will stay with your friends forever, whom are now left behind, in the years to come, is another kind of beauty, which death could not wrangle from you, and that is your last wild coarsely laughter, which I will never forget.

We, your friends, your family of the “other art”, will never forget you.

We love you!

I will say only two words, which you always said when saying goodbye to your friends, and which you loved to say:


Tonight I will watch as a remembrance of this date one of my favorite Marisa Mell movies “French Dressing” to see her on the screen in all her beauty, wisdom and talent but foremost to hear her wild coarsely laughter as a reminder that one’s life has to be cherished each and every day so that at the end of it, while crossing the Styx, you can look back at fond memories with a more than satisfied feeling that your life was worth living.

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