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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Case of the Missing Actress!

Marisa Mell was active in the movie industry from the end of the 50's untill the beginning of the 90's. When you look at her filmography, you see that she played at the end of her career in 1984 in a German movie called "Niemand weint für immer" with former 60's star Elke Sommer and singer Howard Carpendale. The film is also known as "No One Cries For Ever", "Cathy" or "Death Threat". This film is nothing more than a publicity stunt for the German romantic singer Howard Carpendale, who's origins are in South Africa and since more than 40 years a big star in Germany. So the central plot of the movie plays in South Africa and Howard Carpendale is a veterinary and game warden in one of the many animal parks. He falls in love with a mysterious young women played by Zoli Marki. Later in the movie it comes clear that she is a prostitute and Elke Sommer is her "Madame". Hero Howard Carpendale wants to rescue her from the hands of the prostitute ring but in the end she pays a high price for her freedom. Then the movie becomes a revenge movie. So far so good, standard fare, nothing special. When you look at the credits of the movie in the various indexes like Wikipedia, IMDB, Google... the name of Marisa Mell is everytime mentioned as one of the actresses in the movie. And now the "Case of the Missing Actress" kicks in. After seeing the movie, Marisa Mell is nowhere to be found in this film nor in the end credits. At first I thought, due to the boring story of the movie, that I had slept through her part in the movie but after a second viewing the mystery stayed the same. No Marisa Mell to be found in South Africa! This sparkled my curiosity. I started a search on the internet and in other reference material to find more info about her role in this movie. The mystery did not get resolved, just the opposite happened as the mystery got deeper and became a complete question mark. The strange thing is that in each filmography of Marisa Mell on several movie pages, not one page can give you the name of the character she played or what influence her part had in the whole plot. It is very clear that some source started this mystery by mentioning her as an actress in this movie and every other movie reference page and index copied that information without checking if this really was the case. Maybe I could find in some photo references some pictures of the movie with Marisa Mell and some characters but helas those references were also not much of a help. No picture can be found that links Marisa Mell to this movie. So my conclusion is that the movie "Niemand weint für immer" never had Marisa Mell in it's cast. Maybe she was in option to play the part of Elke Sommer but lost it for some, as yet unknown, reason it to her. Who knows??? But I could be wrong!

Can you solve the "Case of the Missing Actress???"


Mikey Jay said...

I think she was accidentally listed on imdb as being in this movie, and other sites copied the info. Yes, that's exactly what I think. I have the movie on VHS and she ain't in it.

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

That's what I thought but the question remains how did she get mixed up in the IMDB? What is the origin of the mix up? There has be a starting point.Time will tell! Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the film on DVD. She is definitely not in it. She wasn't in "L'ultimo giorno" either.

Kind regards,

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Hi Andre, thanks for confirming and thus closing this mystery once and for all!