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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Diabolik - Cronistoria di un Film (Diabolik Club)

This autumn 2008 the Italian based "Diabolik Club" is publishing in Italian (sorry no English version) for its members a book called "Diabolik - Cronistoria di un Film". The book is written by the curator of the club Lorenzo Altariva. He is the guiding force behind the club since more than 10 years and does an excellent job in keeping the club interesting and fun. He is an expert on Italian fumetti's but especially everything regarding Diabolik and his rich history.

Next to the standard quarterly club publication "La Gazetta di Clerville" with all the news regarding Diabolik in Italy and the world, the club gives also annually its members a premium that is not available in stores or on the internet. These premiums in the past were chain keys, cards, special editions of the comic book, ... This year, due to the 40 year anniversary of the movie "Danger: Diabolik!" directed by Mario Bava with John Phillip Law as Diabolik and Marisa Mell as Eva Kant, the club will give this book "Diabolik - Cronistoria di un Film" to their members who are inscribed for the year 2008. The book will be printed in a very limited quantity and will not be available anymore once the initial run has been distributed to its members. Ordering as back order will not be possible. So if you are interested get your copy now by becoming a member of the club for 2008!

You can get more info at:


Chris said...

I have never heard of Marisa Mell before. This looks nice a nice blog, though. Thanks for checking out mine, though! The baby actually hasn't been born yet--we just found it was a boy. I'm sure I'll have a post when it is born, though. Thanks for your kind words. Chris

Keith said...

I went to the Diabolik Club link on the side of your blog. I can't read a lick of English. I guess I could use a translator site to check it out. Looks cool though.