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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stunning photo of Marisa Mell (1)

Marisa Mell was such a stunning beauty that during her career she did a lot of photographic work for covers and layouts on dozens of magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazar, Life, Playboy, Cine Revue, Stern, Photoplay... and many, many more. During the course of this blog some of these stunning photo's will be published. So we start with one of, in my opinion, the most stunning pictures I have ever seen of Marisa Mell and I have seen a lot of great pictures of her. What makes this picture so special? Well, it shows Marisa Mell in the mid '60's during summer time. She is not a young girl any more like in the movie "Am Galgen hängt die Liebe" (1960) nor the sex kitten in Danger: Diabolik! (1968) but something in between both kind of women. Marisa Mell is standing on the banks of a port in a southern country problably somewhere in Italy. She is dressed in a typical flower power suit from that period and her skin tone is rather dark so she already got some sunshine during her stay. She is relaxed and wearing her favorite kind of earrings. Her face, eyes, beauty and wardrobe are in harmony together and create a fascinating picture of the 60's. A natural beauty from a time long gone by when actresses were still actresses of flesh and blood and not plastic empty dolls like today due to overkill on plastic surgery.

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