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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stunning photo of Marisa Mell (2) - Strike A Pose!

Todays picture in the series "Stunning photo of Marisa Mell" comes this time from one of her two most succesfull films either "Danger: Diabolik!" or "Una sull'altra". It is not very clear from which movie this promotional studio photo is because in each movie she wears the same blond wig! (For more info on the wig see my blog entry "No chemicals on my hair" from July 15th 2008). The picture does not give any more clues to link it to one of the before mentioned movies. The only thing we can tell for sure is that it is a promotional photo from 1968 or 1969. In this photo Marisa Mell wears for that era a rather avant garde sweater and strikes a pose what Madonna would copy more than 25 years later with her choreography for her song "Vogue".

1 comment:

Keith said...

Madonna wish she was as stunning as Marisa, even though I did always like that song.