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Monday, May 10, 2010

The end of "Diabolik: The Movie" or...

Mario Gomboli, managing director of Diabolik's house of publication "Astorina", has announced during the month of april 2010 at the Diaboliteknico, that at the moment there is an agreement between Astorina, Mediaset and Canal Plus to bring the anti-hero to the little screen as a 6 part mini-series during the 2011 or 2012 television season. During the past years there have been several attempts to bring the dark fumetti Diabolik to the big or little screen as live action but untill now nothing much has happened. The latest news last year was that actress and model Carolina Crescentini had signed a contract to play Lady Eva Kant, partner of Diabolik in a movie version of the comic book. A possible director for the movie was french director Luc Besson but according to Mario Gomboli the director was let go of the production because of creative differences between the producers, the publishing house and the director on how to bring the anti-hero and his mate to the silver screen. It is known that Astorina is very protective of its property and its incarnations in the media. If the proposed media outlet is not in accordance with the publishing house rules and testament of the creators of Diabolik the sister Giussani than the deal is a no go, even if it involves a lot of money to be earned by the moral successors of the dark hero. At the moment nothing is known if the production of a movie is still the case or not or what the status is of Carolina Crescentini in playing the former Marisa Mell role.

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