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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Train d' Enfer!

When you are writing a weekly blog like the Marisa Mell Blog you are starting after a certain amount of time to breath and live the blog in your daily life always on the look out for something that you can use as an entry. Your eye and mind is becoming so trained in the end that even watching a movie that totally has nothing to do with the life and work of Marisa Mell in this case the excellent action thriller "The Bourne Identity" with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne and Franka Potente as "Marie Kreuz" gives you an opportunity to connect this movie to Marisa Mell's life and work.While I was watching this movie a few nights ago I saw Franka Potente wearing a sweater just before a deadly action scene with a title on her chest "Train d'Enfer". In the story she becomes the lover of Matt Damon, a CIA-assassin who has lost his memory and is trying to gain his mental abilities in the course of several hard hitting action scenes. Against her will Franka Potente's life is going down to hell at a breath taking speed with no stopping the chaos around her hence the reference to the French saying "Train d'Enfer". So when reading the title on her sweater my mind automatically made a connection to another movie with the same title in case the 1965 French spy-thriller also called "Train d'Enfer" with Marisa Mell and Jean Marais in the lead roles also having a chain of events taking their lives into a roller coaster ride.
Maybe I should do something different with my own life? Sigh!


Holger Haase said...

Nice connections!

myfutureselfnme said...

Hi, I actually owned this shirt, which was actually a t-shirt with sleeves cut off that Franka Potente wore over another shirt. I gave it to a friend of mine. If you want the actual shirt I could probably put you in touch with her.