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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wanted: Dead or Alive!

Although this blog is solely dedicated to the life and work of Marisa Mell and people associated with her life and work this time this entry is dedicated to a movie genre that this very dear to my heart: the Spaghetti Western. Sadly the gerne is at the moment almost non existent in present day cinema's so I was glad to hear that some producers are willing to take a risk in producing a genuine Spaghetti Western with cult star Brett Halsey a.k.a. Montgomery Ford as the hero in this movie called The Scarlet Worm. The story: An aging killer trains a young hired gun in a plot to assassinate a meek brothel owner performing barbaric abortion acts on his prostitutes. This Western features an authentic, brutal script from historian/screenwriter David Lambert and will be the seventh feature film from Triple D and Wild Dogs Productions. The producers have called upon experts in the genre to ensure this project maintains its Spaghetti Western roots and sensibilities. Cult actor Brett Halsey is, as said, attached as a world-weary, retired shootist slowly becoming absorbed in his partner’s murderous rampage, and Euro staple Dan van Husen (Cut-throats 9) will play a diabolical cathouse manager eager to purify his pregnant whores. Production is set to start June 26 2010.
The producers are very close to making this vision a reality, but they need your help by targetting the final amount of 2.500 USD. Pledges will go towards various props and sets, as well as housing, feeding and transporting the cast and crew involved, and possibly attaining additional name talent. You can find more information about doing a donation:

UPDATE: On Sunday June 6th 2010, this project reached its target by grossing 2.735 USD. So mission accomplished. Looking forward to the finished product!

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dave said...

Wow! That's so exciting to hear someone "taking the reins" so to speak on a new Spaghetti Western! And this sounds fantastic! There are true fans out there, we are not as much a dying breed as it seems!

In fact, I even went as far as to record a Spaghetti Western Concept Rap album, called "Showdown at the BK Corral." It's basically an epic Spaghetti Western over 9 tracks - very influenced by Leone and Morricone. I'd love to hear what you think of it! You can download it for free at