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Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Slave of Love" re-edit mix by Space=Kudo

Almost 20 years after her death, Marisa Mell is still on the minds of a lot of Eurocult fans like from the now established once cult director Quentin Tarantino with his movie "Jackie Brown", showing a clip in this movie from "Belva Col Mitra" to the up and coming multi-talented actor-director André Schneider with his movie "Der Mann im Keller" using parts of the movie "French Dressing" in the opening credits of this movie.
Not many people know that Marisa Mell also had a very short music career (!) when her movie career was slowly coming to an end. More info about this rather strange part of her life can be found here:
She only made one single called "Slave of Love" in reference to her femme fatale reputation in the yellow press and as you also can see on the picture above being her fan card issued by the German record company "Jupiter Records" during the release of her one and only single. During the past years this single has become quite a collector's item and is highly sought after by completists collecting everything Eurocult and its stars. Blogger Space=Kudo was also fascinated by the content of the Marisa Mell-single. Most fans of Marisa Mell who are familiar with the single know that this production was a very poor attempt to cash in on the once sexy reputation of a star in decline. So Space=Kudo thought this could be done better and made a re-edit mix of this song for his terrific blog "Space=Kudo - Disco 4 ever" where in regular intervals re-edited mixes of known and lesser known music are posted. You can visit his blog:

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