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Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Are they going to replace me?" (Danger: Diabolik!)

Every year like the monster of Loch Ness an announcement is made that the Italian cult comic "Diabolik" is going to hit the big or small screen. Each time sadly enough that attempt ends in the gutter never to be heard of ever again! This time it is the Italian production company Sky Cinema that is trying to bring the dark hero to the small screen. There is a series of 13 episodes planned, each with a running time of 50 minutes without commercials so in the end it will be, depending on the television station, a 60 minutes or more show. The main cast of protagonists will be Diabolik, Lady Eva Kant, Inspector Ginko and (my auntie) Countess Altea di Vallenberg. Nothing is known about the actors playing the parts but some names are being mentioned as Diabolik like Gabriel Garko, Allesio Boni, Luca Argentero, Raul Bova, Allesandro Gassman or Danieli Liotti. All these men are very hot actors in Italy for the moment and have a huge female (and gay male) following. A trailer is in production to be shown at the major world television fairs to attract money from movie and television producers and to sell the concept to major television stations around the world in the different television markets. Production should start in the spring of 2013 with a first broadcast around autumn of the same year or spring of the year after when production stumbles on trouble! Scripts are being surpervised by Mario Gomboli, leading man of Astoria publishing house, the owners of the Diabolik trademark. So the question remains who will they select as the new Lady Eva Kant after Marisa Mell?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Death Will Have Your Eyes!

In 1973 Marisa Mell worked in Almeria (Spain) on the movie "La Moglie Giovane", or better known in English as "Death Will Have Your Eyes" or even "Savage City" with co-stars among others Francesco Rabal and Helga Liné under the guidance of director Giovanni d'Eramo, which was his second and last movie! Again this movie is not a highlight on the filmography of Marisa Mell and one often wonders how on Earth is it possible to choose so many bad movies in one's career as Marisa Mell has done! Sigh! This movie was long time regarded as a lost Marisa Mell movie but last year it was released on the MYA label from a very worn out VHS tape transfer with a very grainy picture quality. The picture for this entry is another behind the scene photo of Marisa Mell relaxing between takes with her co-star Francesco Rabal. This picture has hardly ever been seen since 1973. From the looks of it they enjoyed each other very much and had a good time making this movie! BTW this is one of very few pictures of Marisa Mell where you can see her complete set of teeth in a broad open not staged spontaneous smile. Most pictures of her are with a closed mouth! I always wondered why that is!