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Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Marisa Mell" by Brazilian artist XICO

On a regulary basis since the start of this blog more than 5 years ago I get mails from Marisa Mell fans living all over the world telling me often in a very emotional way how much they all still very much like her and the films she starred in so many years ago which is quite remarkable to me! Although Marisa Mell was quite famous in her time she never gained notority like Marilyn Monroe or stardom like Sophia Loren... , yet, a lot of people were profoundly touched by her presence and work. One of those Marisa Mell admirers is Brazilian artist XICO who has drawn this beautiful picture of Marisa Mell in her honor! 

Romy Schneider as "Sissi" drawn by XICO

XICO has two beautiful blogs where he shows his art: 



Thanks XICO for this wonderful rendition of Marsia Mell! It is highly appreciated!


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