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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Masquerade: rare behind the scene footage!

Although Marisa Mell was quite a star during the height of her career it is not so often that you can see footage of her with behind the scene material during the production of one of her movies! Luckily there is some material available at the moment and probably at lot more hidden in the vaults of production companies and television stations around the world certainly never to be seen ever again! In this clip you see Marisa Mell during the production of her latest movie "Masquerade" in Britain and Spain together with among others her costar Cliff Robertson. What is interesting is the end of the clip when Marisa Mell talks of her beauty and being a movie sex kitten defending herself that she is first and foremost a trained theater actress! Ironically her beauty and being a sex kitten for so long ruined her career in the end and drove her to poverty after a very expensive jet set lifestyle!
Thanks to André Schneider for discovering this little gem!