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Monday, June 9, 2014

Drag me to a Drag Queen Party!

Although Marisa Mell was during the 60's  and 70's a major Italian movie star her professional and private life was mostly found in the printed news papers and gossip magazines! Reality TV did not exist and even commercial television  at large was still in its infancy across Italy and the European mainland. So I am always very grateful to see Marisa Mell in television, news or other kind of media like home videos. And that just happened last week when a longtime Marisa Mell fan from Graz send me the present home video. He grew up with Marisa Mell in his youth in Austria, reading about her in women magazines and remembers reading about her affair with the Shah from Iran and her wild nightlife with fellow Austrian actor, friend and drugbuddy Helmut Berger. He always loved Marisa Mell's looks and never got the chance to see her movies untill later in his life because the Austrian television was not very favorable to her, almost never broadcasting her movies, not even after her untimely death or her 20 year rememberance of her death! In this home video we see a compilation of the Austrian drag queens Dame Galaxis and Miss Chantal St. Germain! At the certain moment in the home video it shows Marisa Mell and Helmut Berger at diner and drag queen spectacle at the end of the 80's or early 90's! Another famous guest is Australian Super Mega Star Dame Edna Everage! Enjoy!
Thank you to the Grazer informant for this wonderful clip with MM.