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Sunday, March 17, 2013

"New York chiama Superdrago"

During the height of the James Bond craze Marisa Mell could not escape becoming part of an Italian James Bond movie clone called "New York chiama Superdrago" . The film premiered on February 17 1966 and is now regarded als one of the so many movies trying to cash in on the spy wave of that era! Although having had in recent years several DVD releases the film is still not widely known among the general public and is probably best remembered from an episode of the cult classic television series "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" just like its counterpart "Danger: Diabolik!". Nevertheless these lobby cards are a real gem from an era long gone! And they really deliver what they should do namely giving the impression when you saw them in the cinema lobby that you are going to see a good action packed movie with spies, beautiful women, mad scientists and an über-criminal organisation gaining for world domination. Sadly the movie did not deliver that at all but is instead a real bore from start till finish, only highlighted by Marisa Mell's presence!

Thanx again to Gerald S. from Krefeld, Germany for letting me use this wonderfull complete set of lobby cards! You are really spoiling me, my friend!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finally! "Ruf der Wildgänse" on DVD

On April 26th 2013 one of Marisa Mell's earliest movies "Ruf der Wildgänse" will be released on DVD in Germany with a German audiotrack for the first time ever! In the past if you wanted to see this movie you had to tape the movie when it was broadcasted on a local German television station. This 1961 movie has the original running time of 91 minutes and was completely shot in Canada for exteriors, which at that time was quite an endeavor but gives the movie an authenticity that you seldom see in those kind of movies. It was an attempt to break away from the classical Heimat-movies in Germany and Austria that had stories which constantly played against the back drops of the Alpes in those countries. Secondly it has some notion of the western genre which became quite populair in the years to come in the 60's with cult television shows like Bonanza or Gunsmoke. For Marisa Mell it was a little step on the career ladder. The movie is issued in the series "Juwelen der Filmgeschichte" and is highly recommended for Marisa Mell fans who had never the possibilty in the past to see this movie outside of Germany wanting to know how Marisa Mell acted before she became a cult figure. The movie can be bought through the usual DVD-outlets.
Thanks to André Schneider for pointing this one out!